Thursday, March 15, 2012

Disobeying Orders

Our culture trains us to always obey orders. Police officers- soldiers- whenever someone objects and tries to explain why you are not protecting justice, what is the response? "Just following orders."

But is there ever a time to disobey orders?

The second (and first, since the last one was really an introduction) episode of The Babylon Effect.

Also, more music from "Act Like Men." One of my biggest takeaways from this project is that melodies are crucial and distinctive- but rhythms can be very unique too. This piece is driven by a morse code distress call rhythm which is very unique. I want to continue finding unique and fitting rhythms- and not just falling back on my old standbys.

Here's the morse code- can you hear it in the piece?

CQD - "Act Like Men" by gabrielhudelson

Friday, March 9, 2012

Act Like Men

This is another film project I'm working on. With the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approaching very quickly, the question arises- what can we learn from what happened on that "Night to Remember"?

What have we gained? What have we lost?

"Women and children first."

This statement directly violates the evolutionary and egalitarian worldviews of today.

Evolution says that we have no inherent value, and that the death of the weak leads to the development of the species. If we are all simply products of evolution, matter-in-motion, and the strong survive and the weak die, then "women and children first" is nonsense. Rather, "strongest first." Women and children last. For the sake of the species, you know.

Egalitarianism denies any distinctions between men and women. Anything men can do women can do better. I have yet to hear, however, a feminist be truly consistent and say that the men on the Titanic were being chauvinists. After all, they apparently viewed women as weaker vessels. Why didn't they just let the women take care of themselves?

If these worldviews are allowed enough time to eat into the marrow of our culture, we will gradually, eventually, see their ramifications played out before our eyes. We're seeing it now.

There have been plenty of people, from Hitler to Leopold and Loeb, who have tried to play out the evolutionary worldview, but they are despised for their consistency. We tell them that the strong survive and the weak die- that there is no God, no Judge, no standard- and then we punish them when they live like we told them to.

Recently, our military has finally been given permission to put women in the front lines of combat. Egalitarianism marches on. Let it march on long enough and maybe I won't have to wait on the women and children before I get my chance to get off the sinking ocean-liner. Maybe I can feel good about myself as I listen to the screams of the women and children who go down with the ship. She didn't want me to hold the door for her- why should I hold the seat on the lifeboat for her? Can't they take care of themselves?

No. I can't feel good about it. No matter how boldly these poisonous worldviews march forward, I am a Christian, and as such I see it as my duty as a man to lay down my life for women and children. Whether it's taking a bullet or not taking a life vest or carrying an overburdened purse, I rejoice in the calling that is mine as a man- to not struggle for supremacy in a chaotic melee of natural selection, but rather to use the strength that God has given me for the benefit of those who are weaker than I.


Primarily, because that's what Scripture says (John 15:13, Neh. 4:14, Eph. 5:25) and models (Jas. 1:27, Ps. 82:3).

Another reason is encapsulated in this quote from the Mysterious Islands documentary: "Evolution is survival of the fittest. In Christianity, the most fit of all, Jesus Christ, died for the unfit. That's you and me. That's the way God thinks- that's the way the Creator thinks."

There it is. Why would I, being bigger and stronger, give up the place that I could secure by right of force on the lifeboat to a smaller and weaker person?

Because that's what Jesus did for me.

Here's a taste of the score for "Act Like Men." Watch the trailer and keep up with the film's progress on the website.

R.M.S. Titanic - "Act Like Men" by gabrielhudelson

Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Lessons from the 2012 SAICFF

I just got back from the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy and Festival. Here are a few of the most prominent lessons that I learned from the teaching, talking, and traveling that I experienced last week.

The most important of which, I might add, are not directly film-related.
  1. Honor my father and cherish my relationship with him. Be accountable to him, as well. "If you think you might need to confess it- you do."
  2. Use my time living in my father's household wisely. Invest in my siblings and parents. Use these years in such a way that I won't look back after I'm married and say "I sure wish I would've..."
  3. The more I study theology, the better I will become as an artist.
  4. YouTube appeals to the masses- Vimeo appeals to the artistic community. I need both.
  5. Brand = Trust. Make a promise and then keep it.
  6. Directors should be directors- not speech instructors. As a general rule, say "I need your character to feel this way"- not "say it like this."
  7. I love my family. To pieces. It was heartbreaking to leave San Antonio after such an awesome week of great fellowship and networking. But when I got home I realized- wow. It's good to be back. My family is such a blessing and treasure.
This was an amazing week from many angles. It was great for me occupationally and spiritually. It was so good, in fact, that I've already registered for the 2013 academy and festival. God continues to provide, and in this case He used a gift from a family member. (By the way, if The LORD is leading you to attend the next one, now's the time to register. The first 150 registrants get a $200 discount.)

To all the wonderful people that I met this year- stay in touch! Hopefully, I'll see you again, in person, next year.

Until then, I'm grateful for the internet. :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Babylon Effect

As a family we're working on some different projects known in conglomerate as The Babylon Effect.

This is the intro for a web series we're working on.

So what is The Babylon Effect?

Well, you'll just have to find out, now, won't you.

Stay tuned!