Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feminism- All Growed Up

Dear girls,
Feminism is growing up.

It used to be enough for you to claim psychological superiority- to wear the spiritual pants- to hold the esteemed position as the only thing that stood between males and barbarism.

No longer.  Now, not only are you better than the guys- but you're one of them, too.

Not only is the new femme fatale seductive and shapely (sorry, guys, I'm really trying to find semi-modest pictures here), but she is also just as strong, just as fast, just as deadly as the men.

Some of you are just discovering this, but hopefully more and more girls will grow up with this realization instead of finding later that, for so long, they believed the myth that men had something that they needed.

Hopefully this message will reach them while they're young.

Don't worry- guys love it when you protect them, save them, lead them, beat them up when they need it.  Nothing inspires them like being led into battle by a woman.

It's no trouble for you, of course- you're used to doing everything else for them anyway.  Besides, the world needs you.  Men just can't do what you can do.

Especially not in a dress and high heels.

The world doesn't need that whole "gentle and quiet spirit" thing anymore.  It's passé.  What do you have to be gentle and quiet about?  Anything men can do, you can do better!

Which makes me wonder- what do we need men for, anyway?

They're so violent.


A Man (I'm sorry about that)


You may still have my seat on the lifeboat, if you want it.


amy said...


And the P.S.?
Thank you, Gabriel, for exemplifying Christian manhood. Your blog is so refreshing.

Aubrey Hansen said...

That post would be funny if it weren't so true... Great words of warning!

Anna said...

Great so true. Many girls are the "guys" of today and the guys are become less and less manly....Keep up the good work

In Him,

RE Parker said...

For the past week and a half, I have had two cousins (both boys) in the house. I'm a girl (older it's true), but still I work harder than they do...I can lift more, etc. (By the time you're 16 you should be able to work as hard as a 20 year old girl, right?) I'm not a feminist, but I find myself doing things they could do, simply because they are weaker (I also know what I'm doing while they don't). I have attempted to 'lead by example' (aka shame them into doing something), but it doesn't seem to work. I get more work out of them by saying, "Hey, so and so, would you do this? Thank-you." I think it is a better tactic :)

I could also make the excuse that they are city boys (to some extent). They are really pretty good kids but lazy as all get out :) It is actually amusing to me how much they sleep.

Point is, boys aren't trained to be stong, manly men, so in some cases what might appear as feminism (which I don't think is the case in the movies you took the pictures from) is just a girl getting work done that needs to be done, sans the strong help she might otherwise have. In my case, I've been working on fences by myself and enjoying every minute of it. Not because I want to be a man, nor necessarily as strong as a man, but because I enjoy hard work outdoors.

And of course, women need men for more than just was just the example on the forefront of my mind :) Men are to be our head (father/husband), spirital leader, protector...all male roles can be summed up within those.

Bria said...

Bravo! I heartily agree. Well said Gabriel.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Rachel, I have no quarrel whatsoever with strong womanhood- that's Biblical! (Pr. 31)

The Wimpification of the American Male is a very real problem that correlates closely with the Mannification of the American Female, and you're right- guys aren't trained like that.

So please don't think that I'm condemning girls like you who enjoy putting in fence-posts. I say- good for you!

This: "I get more work out of them by saying, "Hey, so and so, would you do this? Thank-you." I think it is a better tactic :)"

WISE decision. :-)

"just a girl getting work done that needs to be done, sans the strong help she might otherwise have."

All well and good until you (not an accusation of you specifically but rather speaking of women in general) step into roles that only men should be filling. Then we have a problem. Just because they won't doesn't always mean that you should.

But I don't think that that's what you're doing here. :-)

To everyone else- thanks. And thank you girls for standing against the cultural tide of manly womanhood. You really are fighting the war for Biblical femininity in a way that we men just can't.

Kelsianne said...

Great post, Gabriel. Thank-you.

It seems whenever I watch a typical Hollywood film, they creates a woman who can either "Do the job better than the guys", rough and tough, prepared to battle it out with whoever gets in her way, or they create a dramatic wimp. Yes, it may be a "feminine" character, (In the most shallow sense of the word) but she is weak and good for nothing.

Growing up with brothers, I've had to find the balance between being overly strong vs feminine and willing to let my brothers be gentlemen. I always saw the "prissy" side when I was younger, and almost took the opposite extreme, trying to be strong and "Do things for myself". (Something I still struggle with, at times) Do you have any thoughts on this subject?


Amy K said...

I started to laugh, but then I remembered that there are alot of girls who do think this way. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

"I've had to find the balance between being overly strong vs feminine and willing to let my brothers be gentlemen."

This is huge, Kelsiann (thanks for stopping by, by the way!), and I'm so glad that you can see this. Biblical femininity is very strong and active- not at all prissy, like you said. Biblical women are not reminiscent of china-dolls.

But you also correctly pointed out the dangers of being too strong, like the ladies pictured in my post.

I'm not talking about a woman being too physically strong... while I think some ladies pursue physical fitness to the detriment of their femininity, I don't believe that there's a certain amount of weight that women shouldn't be able to lift or something. I think it's a matter of character and worldview than of physical composition.

So... thoughts... hmmm... well, I'd like to know what things you are referring to when you say "do things for myself."

Opening the door for yourself? Lifting an 80-pound bag of grain by yourself?

Perry said...

"The Wimpification of the American Male"
Great way of putting it. ;)
While due to many factors, I think Wimpification is also a direct result of the "abdication principle." (It functions somewhat like Dr. Emerson Eggerich's "crazy cycle," if anyone is familiar with that.)
Basically, the guys are abdicating in some area so the girls step in "because someone has to get it done!" With somebody else taking care of it, the guys, naturally, don't feel the need to do so. It's hard sometimes, but in these areas us girls need to do some abdicating and trust God enough to step back, leaving a vacuum.
When we are doing what God calls us to do and not what He calls the men to do, He can and does convict them to step up.
Hopefully that makes some sense! ;) Great topic; just thought I'd throw the gals my 20 cents worth (inflation, ya know)...

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Perry, your post was hilarious (idea-inflation. Love it.) and insightful.


"Basically, the guys are abdicating in some area so the girls step in "because someone has to get it done!" With somebody else taking care of it, the guys, naturally, don't feel the need to do so. It's hard sometimes, but in these areas us girls need to do some abdicating and trust God enough to step back, leaving a vacuum."


Thanks for stopping by, Perry. :-)

Gods Country Boy said...

Can't say anything that hasn't already been said - with one exception.

Guys, Man up. There's some ladies in distress to save, and were the ones who gotta do it.

P.s. loved the slightly sarcastic tone to the post. Gave me a wry smile.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Hey David! Totally agree. Yeah, this was an interesting post to write, trying to create a blend of blog-post, letter from an apologetic guy, and satire piece. :-D

Annie said...

If there was a like button, I would push it. Everywhere.


Lydia said...

Bravo! Excellent! Good job! I understand just what you are saying. So many need to hear/read this message. Our world is doing it all backwards and we all suffer the consequences of the same. I appreciate your way of getting the message out that far too many women are seeking to BE men rather than embracing their God-given femininty! God's design is ALWYAS best.

God Bless and keep up the terrific work in writing thought provoking articles such as this.
In Him,
Lydia Hoppman (Kelsey's mom) :-)

Mrs. D said...

"(sorry, guys, I'm really trying to find semi-modest pictures here)"

Then maybe just don't put them on.....

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Annie and Mrs. Hoppman! Welcome to my blog. :-)

Mrs. D., I believe that the pictures posted contributed substantially to the poignancy of the article without being so immodest as to be counterproductive.

I love big words. :-)

I can understand your perspective, though, and appreciate the reminder to be careful of what I put before my own eyes and those of my brothers and sisters.

Thanks for stopping by!

GodsPianist said...

Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing, Gabe!

Kelsianne said...

There are some great thought-provoking comments here!

Gabriel, "Doing things for myself" I guess would mainly be carrying heavy items, or simply an overall attitude.

One of my brothers would offer to do something for me, (Such as carrying a heavy item) and instead of accepting their helping hand (and, in doing so, encourage them to be a gentleman), I simply would assure them I was fine and continue. Sometimes, I was absolutely certain that I did not need their help, and was sure I could do a much better job than they. Whether or not this was true, I wish I would have accepted their help anyways. Does that make more sense?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Kelsianne, yes, it makes sense, and I think you're on the right track, because you aren't imposing yourself upon them, in effect becoming a burden in an attempt to encourage them to be gentlemen- they're offering! That's definitely a good thing, and one to reinforce. I think so, at least. :-)

GodsPianist, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Andrew- thanks, brother. :-)

Jennifer said...

Funny! Hate the silly dominatrix-in-spandex thing, but I do love "Salt" and "Snow White and the Huntsman".

RE Parker said...

On the note of letting boys act like gentlemen...I have been in town several times the last few days with my cousins. I have started dropping back by the door and they get the hint (even if they don't realize it) and open it for me :) I make sure I thank them (even if the next minute I start teasing sure has been fun ;D )

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jemimah said...

Let a woman lean quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing - if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.
1 Timothy 2:11-15

It shows us right here who is to be the leader of the home, and in all things.
I believe that women should be the woman for the man, not the man for the man. (if that makes sense.)
It sad to see women becoming the man, and forgetting what God has said.

Very good post, I agree with everything you said.
It's high time someone stepped up and said a few things about this.

Jennifer said...

Jemimah, I believe women are called to lead several times; it is not a design of leadership = maleness, following = femaleness. That's cardboard, and opposed in both the Bible and history.

Jemimah said...

Jennifer - Thanks. Just after reading my pervious comment I realised that some of it may have sounded even a but offensive to some. Thank you very much for your words, I appreciate it. I don't think I made it clear in what I mean. Of course women should lead at times, that is all proper and good, but what I was meaning is that women should not start being the 'man' if they already have a Godly husband. Let's say a Godly lady married a outwardly looking Godly man, but during their marriage her committed adultery, or something else. Then the woman would have to step up and be both man and woman. Does that make sense?
Or if the husband had cancer or something, then the lady would have to be both man and woman again to their kids.
But the Bible does clearly instruct us women to follow men, not men follow women.
If you look at Colossians 3:18 - Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

Eve came out of Adam, that alone shows that Adam holds the most authority. But if it said Adam came out of Eve, then it would be the other way around.

Feel free to chat more about this, I enjoy it!
I don't care if you believe otherwise, I respect your opinion. It matters.

Your sister in Christ,


Jemimah said...

Hope what I said made sense! And just ignore my spelling mistakes. I didn't bother to read through and correct anything before I published it :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jemimah, you're very kind :) I do disagree to a point; I believe women should utterly respect their husbands and often prefer to have men lead in the relationship, but I don't believe Adam had more authority; God called them both rulers of the earth. The animals came before Adam, but they had to follow him. I'm not sure why he came first, but it may have been because he was the protector, and they go first into battle.

Jemimah said...

Very good point, Jennifer. I properly understand now.
Take a look at this link (if you want) it tells a lot about what I mean.

Of course a woman should have utter respect for her husband, but the Bible clearly states that Adam was to have the most authority. He is the leader. The woman is not, but still does have authority. It's like the airplane system. There's the Pilot, who in what I'm saying stands for the husband) and then the co-pilot, who can stand for the woman.

I must say I have really enjoyed this discussion, I love debating things.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jemimah. But actually God did not say Adam had more power.

KGG said...

I thought of this post when I learned about the men in Colorado this week who said "women and children first", and backed it up with their lives.

I'm struggling to find words beyond simply "thank you." What more can I say?

Jemimah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jemimah said...

@ Jennifer - If you take a look at Genesis chapter 1, then you'll see that God made Adam to have the most authority, then Eve. But then it depends on what Bible translation you have, some of them put things very differently. :-)

Jennifer said...

No, what God said was that Adam and Eve would rule over all the land and the sea. God never once told Adam he had rule over Eve.

Jemimah said...

Oh, I see now. I was looking at an online Bible, and the people who put it together were Jehovah's Witnesses.
Of course their Bible's different! I can't believe I couldn't tell which version I was looking at!
Thanks for correcting me, I never would have known if you hadn't! :-)

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Jennifer- do you believe that wives should submit to their husbands? Do you believe that there is a Biblical authority structure in the home?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

KGG- I didn't hear about that! That's wonderful to hear that there are men who are still acting like men!

Jennifer said...

No problem Jemimah :) Thanks for listening and discussing!

I do believe the wife should submit, Gabriel, but out of love and respect, not as a subordinate. We see this differently, as I think we've discussed before.

Jennifer said...

It truly is amazing, KGG. It is man's noble instinct.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Yeah, Jennifer, we have. I was just getting into it for the sake of Jemimah. :-)

Jemimah said...

@ Jennifer: No probs, happy anytime. I love discussing things like this with people. :-)
I see that we see things differently, as you and Gabriel do, but hey, what would this world be like with all like-minded people?!?

Jennifer said...

You are awesome Jemimah :) Thanks for an open mind!

David Terry said...

"...Now, not only are you better than the guys- but you're one of them, too..."

You nailed it Gabe.

Flame of Jah said...

Great post sir, thank you. Real men and women are becoming rare these days.

"Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."

Genesis 3:16

Just a little verse to throw in to the discussion on authority...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is even limited to Americans. I come all the way from the Philippines and I recently wrote down on my journal:

"On any normal day, I think women these days would make better men and men these days would make better women."

I realized, though, that how I think on any normal day is pretty misguided. Here's an article that helped me see that:

You might also want to check it out.

I think the point of letting the men do what they're supposed to (and praying and hoping for God's conviction) is also a good indication of growth for women. =) Trust is a hard thing.

I really do hope men will start stepping up their game though.

I'm glad you brought this up!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I may end up reposting on my blog if that's alright with you...?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Nariness, great point. You nailed it that it takes faith for women to do their job and rest and wait on God to convict the men about doing theirs. That's crucial.

Growup318, I would be honored! If you could link to my post, I'd appreciate it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I will definitely link back to this post and also to your blog's homepage. :] Thank you!