Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gabriel Hudelson’s notes on a talk by Steve Ringer

Principles of self-defense:

1. Be aware! (Pr. 22:3 – If you feel that something’s not right- if you “see it coming”- don’t just continue right into it! And don’t ignore gut feelings, either.)
a. Be Wise (Pr. 15:1 – Don’t be “stirring up anger” with foolish speech)
b. Travel in pairs
c. Avoid trouble if possible (Pr. 26:17)
d. Carry yourself well

Don’t trust everyone. Respect to whom it is due, but trust only a few!

2. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN – “Line-of-sight”
a. Kids’ first response- train your children to respond “let me ask my Dad.” Example: potential villain says “Can you help me find my dog?” or “Would you like some ice cream? It’s out in my car.” The child should respond “let me ask my Dad/Mom.”
b. Have a code-word for if the parent sent someone. Say the parents got in a car accident and sent someone to pick up their kids- the parents should be able to give that person a word that will assure the children that he is really from their parents. If he doesn’t know the word, the kids know he’s a fake.
c. Teach kids to scream! And not just to scream- there are screaming kids all over these days. They need to scream something that will get attention: “Fire!” “Help!” “Kidnap!” “You’re not my Dad!”

Think through scenarios so that you’ve “been there” mentally. On an adrenaline rush, people fall back on instinct and lowest level of training.

Don’t give up! “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Don’t stop resisting just because it looks hopeless.

Go into taking a knife from an attacker knowing you’ll get cut! This way you aren’t surprised when you do. Also make sure that YOU decide WHERE you get cut- block the knife with your outer forearms as opposed to letting him stab you where he wants. DON’T let him get at your inner arm- crucial veins and arteries there.

God is sovereign over death- we are responsible for what we do with our life and the lives of others.

It is our Biblical, moral duty to defeat the bad guy- but it is also our duty to not “kick a man who’s down.” If he has been vanquished, it is not for us to continue to attack him. Get him and get away.

Protect and attack the “centerline”- eyes, nose, chin, neck, solar plexus, groin.

For the face, use the claw, not the fist. While the fist can be used, you’ll hurt yourself eventually. Instead, jab with all five fingers. Go for the eyes. And remember- this isn’t a “made you blink” jab. GO FOR THE EYES.

Palm to the nose.

You can use your elbows, knees, feet. Fists and head-butts if you need to- but not preferable! You could break your own hand or knock yourself unconscious!

If grabbed from behind- scrape shins with feet, stomp on his feet, break his fingers, sidestep and punch groin, smash his nose with the back of your head.

Scream while you fight. The sheer oddity of someone yelling at the top of their lungs may deeply unsettle the attacker- and it also might call attention to your predicament.

Don’t take a life to save your car or your wallet. But remember that that might not be all that they want. They may say things like “I won’t hurt you if you get in the car.” DON’T GET IN THE CAR. Whatever he’s gonna do, make him do it in the parking lot, the street. Don’t get in the car, don’t go down the alley, no matter how reasonable it sounds. Do not let him handcuff you.

Throw the keys or the wallet away from you both or in their face and RUN.


God gave you gut instinct. Don’t ignore it. If it doesn’t feel right- leave! Call the police! Scan your house when you come home. If something looks wrong, call the police. They’d be glad to play Superman for you- but if something is truly wrong, it was the right choice! Don’t let your pride get in the way of doing the wise thing.

The ol’ High-School grab-you-by-the-shirt-and-shove-you-against-the-locker- don’t wrestle the hands off the shirt. Go for the face, the centerline.

Do NOT back away. They throw a punch- move in! They won’t expect that. They’ll expect you to back up, to dodge. Get right in their face. Literally.

When they pull the gun on you- don’t look at the gun. Raise your hands forward, looking innocent. Then get the muzzle away from you. Get control of the gun! Bring one hand down on the top of the gun, the other on the bottom of the handle. Twist it to the outside of their arm. This gets the muzzle away from you and also traps their hand in a very painful position- you can bring them all the way to the ground.


Appease the attacker. Get them to relax.

Shoot to stop. This may kill, it may not, but shoot to stop, not to kill. Shoot center mass- torso area. If you are justified to shoot, shoot center mass! If they keep coming after a few rounds, go for the head.

Don’t hide your guns, but don’t have a readily dischargeable firearm where kids can reach them.

TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT GUNS. GUN SAFETY is crucial- even if you don’t own one.

DON’T fire at noise or movement, especially in your house. You could shoot a child. Identify your target.

Follow the rules. CHECK THE GUN. Check it when you give it to someone. Check it when they give it back. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

When it comes to laws, ask “Where is that in writing?”

And remember Pr. 20:3- it is an honor to keep away from strife. Don't be a fool!