Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Tending The Flowers of Marriage

Jesus makes His bride beautiful. In an analogous way, I think we make our own spouse beautiful (or handsome, as the case may be). When you tend a flower properly, it blooms. The work of tending causes the joy of greater beauty. A husband who pours love and affection and sacrifice and service into his wife will see her bloom before his eyes into a more beautiful woman, sparkling and shimmering with the joy of a woman who is loved. The wife who respects and admires and submits to her husband will watch as he, fueled by the shining eyes of his princess, becomes more and more the lion that she admired in the first place.

Beware, ye darkness. Such a flower will spill unquenchable light. Such is the power of the loving husband.

Beware, ye dragons. Such a prince knows no fear. Thus is the power of an admiring wife.

And beware, gates of hell. The bride will conquer, for her Husband has conquered, and His love makes her invincible.