Thursday, August 25, 2011

MUSIC: The Fall of Jerusalem (work-in-progress)

Well, I don't think the picture is temporally accurate, but you get the idea.


This piece is inspired by the book of Lamentations. As the title of this post says, it's not finished, but I wanted to get a Piece-of-the-Week up, and this will give you a chance to give input on how I should proceed with the piece!

I've also been enjoying working with the new EWQL libraries- you can hear in this piece a duduk from Ra (I think it was...), a solo violin from Gypsy, percussion from Stormdrum 2, good old Symphonic Orchestra orchestra, a female voice from Voices of Passion, and more.


The Fall of Jerusalem (in progress)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lots going on!/MUSIC: Farewell to the Piano

There's a lot going on here at the Resounding Music studio. Praise The LORD, I have multiple scoring opportunities presenting themselves. We're also working on the Big Mac, the computer that I use for my music- it's needing some doctoring. LORD willing, it shall be up-to-spec shortly.

So, because of all that's going on, I wanted to do a quick POTW that wouldn't consume lots of my time but would still be... well... a POTW.

This is a piano piece by Beethoven. The performance is unedited- and imperfect. My apologies, but I need to turn the perfectionist in me off and get on to other work!

The title? Farewell to the Piano. What a heartbreaking title for such a simplistically beautiful piece. I wonder what inspired Mr. Beethoven to write it...

And no, I'm not saying farewell to the piano. :-) I used the EWQL Pianos library for this.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Rain Trailer - Final

No piece of the week this week- praise God, I've been very busy.

However, the Red Rain trailer is now live, with all the ingredients assembled- check it out here.

Text by Aubrey Hansen- of course, she wrote the book, too. :-)

Narration by Grace Pennington- very nice emotional rendering of the text, Miss Pennington! Oh, and she also provided the sound effect.

Text by Nechet Hudelson- awesome 3D pull-away at the end there, sister.

Music, sound editing, and final mix by yours truly- Gabriel Hudelson

Friday, August 5, 2011

MUSIC: Red Rain Trailer

My piece for this week is the score to a book trailer that we're now putting the finishing touches on. The plan is to add narration and SFX, but for my YouTube channel I uploaded one which is just the music and the trailer itself.

Here's the trailer

Didn't my sister do a great job on the kinetic typography?

Oh, and brownie points to whoever can name the kind of scale that I used at the beginning.

Now, before we agreed to do this trailer, I read a rough draft of this e-book-to-be, and it was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to read. Very worldview conscious, and full of glorious modeling of Biblical family life. It was also a good story. I love it when good art and good worldview are combined.

There were some rough spots, but it was a rough draft. I look forward to reading the finished version if ever I get my grubby mitts on it. Nevertheless, the meat of the story was a delight to behold- and it was quite the enjoyable journey, even in rough-draft form. I would definitely recommend that you get yourself a copy when it comes out, and if the trailer leaves you wanting to learn more, check out the author's website: