Thursday, August 25, 2011

MUSIC: The Fall of Jerusalem (work-in-progress)

Well, I don't think the picture is temporally accurate, but you get the idea.


This piece is inspired by the book of Lamentations. As the title of this post says, it's not finished, but I wanted to get a Piece-of-the-Week up, and this will give you a chance to give input on how I should proceed with the piece!

I've also been enjoying working with the new EWQL libraries- you can hear in this piece a duduk from Ra (I think it was...), a solo violin from Gypsy, percussion from Stormdrum 2, good old Symphonic Orchestra orchestra, a female voice from Voices of Passion, and more.


The Fall of Jerusalem (in progress)


BushMaid said...

That was very nice. I can see it turning into something really epic. :D

Jamie T said...

Sounds awesome---it should cerntainly be longer though. Seemed like it just got goin' and than it ended! Good thing it's only a work-in-progress though. :P

~Jamie Joyce