Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year in View

Today the sun sets on another year.

Repeatedly Scripture exhorts the people of God to remember. As this year comes to a close, it provides an opportune, if somewhat arbitrary place in time to set up stones of remembrance. The Hand of God has done much, and it behooves those who desire to see a faithful progeny to record these events that their children and grandchildren may remember.

"Let this be a sign among you, so that when your children ask later, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ then you shall say to them, ‘Because the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD; when it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.’ So these stones shall become a memorial to the sons of Israel forever." - Joshua 4:6-7

So while I hope that any who read this will be edified, this post is for myself and for my family, both present and (LORD willing) future.

Over the past year, our great God has providentially brought to pass many things, only a few of which I shall mention below.

We moved from our previous home of five years into a house that God provided through a family in our church, and thus became debt free (if officially homeless :-). Little brother number two was born in April. After this, Mom went through a time of being bedridden. Praise God, it was not nearly as long as it could have been, and she has been back to full health for quite some time now. I got the Complete Composer's Collection, and our family also purchased another Macintosh for our business endeavors. Our church began meeting in a school building when we had previously been meeting in homes. The LORD has brought me multiple business opportunities, and I have worked on a variety of films- including multiple projects that I'm working on right now. We were able to spend much time together with both sets of our grandparents. Dad's father died, and Dad performed the funeral service back in Indiana. We commemorated one sister's coming-of-age with a "Milestone Celebration," and another sister was baptized. Dad and I met with Mark Rushdoony this very morning.

I asked him what he would say to the next generation if he could say one thing. While I can't quote his answer word-for-word, I shall paraphrase it. He said that we must remember to not be focused on one specific area of life, like politics or family, in such a way that we lose sight of The Kingdom. We must seek first The Kingdom. It is crucial that the next generation learns this!

This brings me to the spiritual growth which has been worked in our family by God in His mercy. This year I've wrestled through the doctrine of The Trinity and had legalisms exposed that were hiding in the wings of my presuppositions. Praise God- may we never stop growing.

This is just a sampling of the many works of God. May we always remember!

This time of year also lends itself well to the setting of goals- the casting of vision for the future. Some might call them "New Year's Resolutions." Regardless of the term used, "In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." (Pr. 14:23)

Setting achievable, practical goals, with a time-frame in which they must be accomplished and incremental steps leading to their completion, can help to keep the goal-setter on track, so that they are laboring toward their goals instead of merely talking. Ultimately, of course, a goal is only going to be fulfilled that is according to the sovereign plan of God- every plan for the future must be understood in the context of "if The LORD wills." However, that should not be a deterrent from prayerfully setting goals and working towards them.

So here are some of my personal goals for 2012.

I hope to release three albums this year, if The LORD sees fit. More updates on that to follow. I would also like to be prepared to provide for a wife. I want to get back to practicing the piano consistently, and would like to practice for ten hours each week, minimum, except on weeks with important holidays or on vacation. I am sure that I won't make it every week, but I want to strive for it. I also want to exercise consistently. I'd like to release the first book in a piano curriculum. Lastly, I want to be consistently memorizing Scripture.

You are welcome to hold me to these!

So now I ask you this:

What are your plans for 2012- how is God leading you?

What are your memories from 2011- what has God done in your life?

What are you doing right now to pass on the legacy of God's mighty acts of providence to the next generation?

Tomorrow the sun rises on another year. May it be a year filled with production for The King and His Kingdom. May each unforgiving minute of 2012 be filled with "sixty seconds of distance run."

Friday, December 30, 2011

Music: Cured of War

More music from the civil war film, "Sons of Georgia." I love the sound of the Gypsy solo violin, and praise The LORD for growth as I learn how to use these tools that He has blessed me with better. May it ever be for His Glory!

Cured of War - "Sons of Georgia" by gabrielhudelson

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts on Biblical Femininity - Pt. 2

(Just so you know, I'm not posting Leighton paintings as a model for how all women should dress. :-)

Continuing my thoughts from my first post (which covered points 1-4 below) in this, a multi-part letter to my sisters in Christ. If you haven't read the first one, please do. It's foundational.

Before I begin, I want to mention something that a commenter reminded me of. These things are really thoughts I'm putting out there- discussion points. Different Christians will be more or less prone to different areas. So this isn't like a "checklist"- it's a list of discussion points and things to think about. Ultimately, if Scripture says it, it's true. If I say it- check it with Scripture.

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with...
  1. Is about her Father's business and her father's business. And she isn't waiting for me. I will explain.
  2. Is very intelligent- and not just in a sharp, high-IQ, witty way, but especially in a studious and wise way.
  3. Is prepared to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, and to submit to my leadership.
  4. Is striving to be like Christ. Not because it makes guys like me pay attention, but because it's right.
  5. Presents a unified front to our children and others.
  6. Is honoring to the men in her life.
  7. Is interested in theology and philosophy. Like, really interested. Like, I can discuss eschatology and utilitarianism with her. And she loves it.
  8. Loves kids and knows how to handle/raise/teach them.
Point 5

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with presents a unified front to our children and others.

Part of her submission to me is her support for me. This means that it's not her and the kids against me or me and the kids against her. We two need to become one flesh. As one goes, so goes the other. So if Johnny tries to play Mom against Dad or Dad against Mom he's gonna get spanked. Twice.

We're unified.

This also means that if neighbor Jane wants the kids to come over for a sleepover and I say "no," she's not going to get a different answer by asking my wife.

In front of our children and in front of the world around us, we're together. She's not only submitting to me, but she's supporting and reinforcing me. She backs me up rather then undermining me.

We're partners on the same mission. We have each other's back. Every time. It's just the way we roll.

*cue spy music*

Point 6

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is honoring to the men in her life.

Because, after all, I'm going to be the man in her life.

And because, more importantly, it's Biblical.

"An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is like rottenness in his bones." - Pr. 12:4

This point follows right along with the two previous. Are you, my sisters in Christ, treating your fathers and brothers in the Biblical ways discussed above? Are you supportive and submissive?

(and no, I'm not advocating wife-like submission to your father or brothers...)

How are you treating your father? Is Dad the buffoon that can't do anything right? Do you try to "straighten him out", but he's just too... silly? Do you roll your eyes at his jokes and act like Mom is the only one who ever gets anything done? Are you convinced that men are stupid (after all, that's what the movies say)? How about your brother- he's always on the computer. He never cleans his room. (I say this to my shame. But back to my point...) Or maybe he's younger and he never cleans his face. He is the subject of many an embarrassing story or sharp joke, and he is a real pain when he interrupts your talks with the girls. In fact, if he would just-

What does that say about you? Are you being the "crown" of your father? Your brothers? Or are you being rottenness in their bones?

Trust me, I notice.

But more importantly- "The eyes of The LORD are in every place."

Do you think God smiles on a girl who makes a fool of her father? Who derides men in general and her men in particular?

And how much more beautiful to see a girl who praises her father, who commends her brothers, who magnifies their skills and achievements while hiding their faults (another good commenter point-out- I'm not talking about deceitfully hiding faults or lying to make them look good.)?

Again, I'm not equating your relationship to your father or your brothers to your relationship with your husband.

But I am comparing them.

And it would be foolish for me to expect a woman who was rottenness in the bones of her father or brothers to suddenly become my crown.

Please remember that by building them up, I don't mean being silly. "He's so awesome he's just perfect he's amazing he's wonderful." That just makes you look foolish and embarrasses him.

You as a daughter or sister have the power to bless and honor and inspire and crown the men in your life- or to shame them and cut them in half.

Right now I'm talking about family relationships. This applies to a different degree to your brothers in Christ, but that's not my focus here. It also applies most strongly to the relationship between a husband and wife- but then, that's what we're really talking about, isn't it?

I say this very sincerely- the power of a woman is great.

Please use it wisely.

Point 7

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is interested in theology and philosophy. Like, really interested. Like, I can discuss eschatology and utilitarianism with her. And she loves it.

This connects with point 2, but is a bit different. I want a wife who is my soul-mate- who shares my deepest thoughts and ponderings. She's not a theological cream-puff. If I'm away and a Jehovah's Witness comes to the door, she not only knows how to wield our Glock (just in case) but she knows how to wield The Sword.

And I can wrestle through hefty theology and always have a loving, compassionate, concerned sounding-board to turn to from which to receive Biblically-grounded feedback.

She's my soul-mate. A huge part of my soul- indeed, by God's Grace, the consuming desire of my soul- is God! I want her to be able to share in my passion for Him.

I want her to love it as I do my best to wash her in the water of The Word. And I want her to sharpen me too.
Thanks, commenters, for pointing out the important distinction that needs to be made here: all Christians are called to "study to show thyself approved." Not all Christians are called to be thrilled by dissecting postmillennialism.  If discussing how to save money gets you more excited than discussing the differences between a four and a five-point Calvinist, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Point 8

A godly woman with whom I would want to spend my life with loves kids and knows how to handle/raise/teach them.

That little chocolate-bearded, runny-nosed brother. A nuisance? Wish you could just stick him outside and get back to your Austen novel? (OK, that was just mean.)

Or when you look into the teary eyes of the dirty little kid who scraped her knee, do you see the soul of one more citizen for The Kingdom of Heaven? Do you see a legacy of thousands and tens of thousands of human souls coming from this one child who will be affected by the way you respond, right now, to this needy little person?

Are you too soft to wield the rod? Are you too hard to cry with them when the puppy dies?

Can you raise them in the nurture and admonition of The LORD- from having enough of a spine to rule the house instead of being ruled by the house to having enough of a heart to let them tell you the rambling and apparently endless story about the bug they chased around the backyard, not because you care at all about the dragonfly but because you care about them?

Are you patient enough to teach math and energetic enough to carry the baby on the family hike? (Which only assumes that I'm carrying the heavier backpack, or I'd be glad to carry him for you. :-)

Do you love- LOVE kids? Do you see them for the treasure that they are- a soul waiting to be shaped? A treasure that will be stolen by the world if not seized by The Kingdom!

Do you look at a kid pulling off a first-class "puppy dog face" and say "how could I say no to that?" Or do you look at him and say with a smile "I love you too much to say yes."

Can you change a diaper and a worldview at the same time?

Check back next Monday for the third and final installment in this thrilling series. :-D


Friday, December 23, 2011

Music: Without End (An Epic Christmas Arrangement)

Here's a suite of Christmas carols woven together into an epic-film-music-style whole. This is my Christmas gift to y'all, on the same terms as my last one. Just send me an e-mail at gabriel AT and I'll send you an mp3 of this piece. I probably won't get to sending 'em out until after the weekend, though- need to be with the family. If you feel led to share this, it's greatly appreciated. :-)

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of his government and peace
there shall be no end..."

Without End by gabrielhudelson

Merry CHRISTmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thoughts on Biblical Femininity - Pt. 1

I've written about Biblical manliness more than once before. But today I'd like to talk to my sisters in Christ.

I was reading the blog of the Botkin sisters (an excellent blog which I would highly recommend- these young ladies are an excellent source of wisdom and by turns convict, encourage, and inspire me), and I came across this quote:

“What takes a girl from someone a man likes to be around, to someone
he wants to spend his life with? I see a lot of lists by girls about
‘my husband must be such and such.’ But it seems all I ever hear from
guys is ‘a godly lady.’ What does that mean to them?”

Well, here goes.


I started this planning to post it all at once. It's kinda (way) too long to do thus, though, so instead I'm going to shoot for publishing a part of the whole list once a week- probably every Monday.

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with...

  1. Is about her Father's business and her father's business. And she isn't waiting for me. I will explain.
  2. Is very intelligent- and not just in a sharp, high-IQ, witty way, but especially in a studious and wise way.
  3. Is prepared to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, and to submit to my leadership.
  4. Is striving to be like Christ. Not because it makes guys like me pay attention, but because it's right.

Point 1

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is about her Father's business and her father's business. And she isn't waiting for me.

If homeschooling, family-integrated, skirt-wearing Christian girls had to be summed up in a book, it would be..?

Pride & Prejudice. Of course.

I know, it's normal for guys to not like Austen novels, the Twilight series, and so on. But usually the perspective is that it is normal for girls to like these things- indeed, that it is good for them to do so. I disagree, but it is not the purpose of this post to discuss the merits and problems of romance novels and "chick flicks" in-depth. There is one salient thing about them, though, which applies strongly to my point.

(For said in-depth discussion, I'd highly recommend the talk Jane Austen & Vampires by the Botkin sisters. Yes, them again.)

Books and films like Pride & Prejudice model, for girls, a life spent at tea and dancing, at pointless nothings, waiting for prince charming to come.

I'm saddened when I see "good girls" who are proud of their infatuation with everything Austen. When I see girls wrapped up in the fake, the shallow, the transient, the make-believe. In the hope of marriage. In the "what I want my husband to be".

Oh my sisters, please be wrapped up in what your Husband Christ wants you to be right now.

Your life doesn't begin- or end- with marriage. Marriage is neither the commencement of your real duties as a woman, nor is it the conclusion of your life story after which comes only the epilogue.

Instead of waiting for the arrival of your spouse, be about your heavenly Father's business, sculpting yourself to please your eternal Husband, Christ.

And what does that look like for you here and now? I don't know exactly. But it ain't sippin' tea and watching the horizon for a silhouetted steed bearing a knight in shining armor.

What are you doing right now that is advancing the Kingdom of God on this earth?

I don't doubt that often the answer is "I'm preparing to be a wife and mother- learning to keep the house and raise the kids".

Amen and amen. That is hugely important. But it's not all. There's So Much More. You as a daughter in your father's home can be a warrioress or a china doll. There is a world to be conquered, and you can be helping your father (or your brothers) do that right now.

It can be disheartening seeing examples like the one I just linked to. You may be thinking "but I don't have globetrotting brothers of awesomeness. My dad just delivers mail. My brother is more interested in conquering the World of Warcraft than the world which wars against the God who crafted it."

Grow where you are planted. Talk to your dad! Ask him how you can help him! Study theology. Yes, that may mean reading a book written 200 years ago which weighs more than your little brother. Study music or graphic design or auto mechanics or filmmaking or electricity. Apply yourself to practical, profitable, real-world pursuits. Being a daughter Joyfully At Home affords you myriads of practical Kingdom-building opportunities. Cultivate the mind and body and talents that God has given you. I don't know the answer for your specific situation. I do know Who does. Seek His Face, not the face of prince charming.

Your time in the household of your father is precious. Please don't waste it. Also please note that I'm not advocating by "real-world pursuits" that you "get a job." I firmly believe in the power of stay-at-home wives and daughters to advance The Kingdom in practical ways. May God give you wisdom as you seek to find those ways! Maybe it's selling crafts, or writing books, or teaching piano (each of which, actually, are examples from people I know). Whatever it is, though, it's not twiddling your thumbs until Mr. Darcy shows up.

So, to sum up, be content where God has put you. (Phil. 4:11)

Use your single years wisely, being a good steward of the time He has given you. (Eph. 5:16)

And be ready for marriage, not waiting for marriage. (Matt. 6:33)

A question which might give good perspective: "If God doesn't have it in His Marvelous Plan for me to get married (it is possible!) then what can I be doing to expand His Kingdom right now so that I don't find myself, at the end of my life, an old maid, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?"

Point 2

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is very intelligent- and not just in a sharp, high-IQ, witty way, but especially in a studious and wise way.

She opens her mouth in wisdom,
And the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
(Pr. 31:26)

I don't want to marry a girl who has spent her life just doing dishes and changing diapers. Those tasks that I just mentioned are very important and very Kingdom-building, but that's not all that Kingdom womanhood is about. I want a girl who can look at a dirty diaper or a stack of dishes or a little boy with a bloody knee and a messy face and see the Kingdom of God being advanced. But I also want a girl who has wisely invested her youth and who has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our kids- and to me!

To make it practical, I'd like her to have:
  1. A firm knowledge of Scripture and be able to apply It to many situations.
  2. A good arsenal of knowledge, wisdom, stories from her past and her parents' past and her grandparents' past, proverbs and quotes from wise men and women, ready to pull out and apply at will.
  3. Practical knowledge of real-world stuff ranging from auto-mechanics to storytelling.
  4. A firm grasp of the basic things that our children will need to know so that she can teach them well- basic math, basic music (especially for my kids! :-), basic literature- a second language is a plus- etc.
I'm being practical, here, and the danger with that is that it's easy to be legalistic, or at least to be accused of such. But my sister says that practical is helpful, so there it is. And these practical things, though they will vary in degree and application between you, my sisters in Christ, are still founded on Biblical principles- like the value of meditating on God's Word (Ps. 1), the importance of wisdom and knowledge (Pr. 9), the beauty of a legacy, the importance of remembering the journeys of our fathers (Deuteronomy, Proverbs), the worth of a woman who is "making her arms strong" (Pr. 31), and so on.

Being a keeper at home doesn't at all mean mean being fat and dumb, washing dishes, wiping noses, and sitting around snacking in front of the TV with an occasional shout at a kid or two.

Point 3

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is prepared to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, and to submit to my leadership.

We're human. We're imperfect. Even the woman who God has stored in His Perfect plan for me- the perfect girl for me- isn't perfect. And I, the perfect man for her- I'm not perfect either.

So we both need to be able to repent and to forgive.

God has called me to be the leader in the home that I hope to start one day. A godly woman will recognize and desire this. I won't be a perfect leader, and she won't expect me to be. She will, however, expect, exhort, and inspire me to be a great leader.

Quick note to my brothers reading this- it hit me one night recently that as a husband and father I will have a daughter of The King submitting herself to- obeying- me. That's a huge responsibility. Guys, if you take this lightly, don't come courting my sisters.

I'll slug you.

Now returning my address to my sisters: As a wife, you need to be ready to change and grow with your man as The LORD leads. This might make you uncomfortable sometimes, but we as Kingdom households are not on a gondola ride- we're on an epic, Kingdom voyage. Seasickness comes with the territory, but you need to be ready to take it like a sailor.

This also may mean differences of opinion with your parents/siblings/etc. LORD willing, throughout the pre-marriage process any disagreements will be discovered. If they're important enough, then the train wreck will be stopped before it started. If they're minor, then hopefully the marriage process will have the blessing of both families, knowing that the foundations are solid, and the disagreements can be overlooked.

But you must remember that as your husband this man is now your man, your head, your leader. You have to be prepared to follow him to the ends of the earth.

Example: if your husband becomes a credo-baptist when you were Presbyterians, then you need to submit to his leadership even if you're not sure he's right. And you need to support him in front of the kids. Or maybe he wants you to wear head-coverings, while your father didn't believe that that was the proper interpretation of Scripture.

"Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord." - Eph. 5:22

Submit to him as you would submit to Christ. You must be prepared to do this.

(By the way, if he tells you to rob a bank or help him knock off an old rival- please don't. Obedience to him is subject to The Word of God. But when it's a grey area, he is your leader. And if you accept your place at his side wholeheartedly- what amazing peace and security. God's design is unbeatable.)

Point 4

A godly woman whom I would want to spend my life with is striving to be like Christ. Not because it makes guys like me pay attention, but because it's right.

I'll close with this one for now. It's something which my sister has discussed with me previously. It's kinda tough to communicate this, seeing as how you are reading a list of things that a guy is looking for in girls, but it's crucial.

If you're trying to be Christ-like because straight-laced, homeschooled, Christian guys like me look for Christ-like girls, you are missing the whole point.

Your obedience to Christ must be motivated out of fear of and love for God. If it's motivated out of fear of and lust for man- repent! Pray that God will change your heart. (1 John 1:9)

But don't be satisfied with being a good girl who checks the boxes and looks good. Oh LORD I pray that You would make such a girl transparent before I or any brother of mine commits his life to her! If your passion for Christ only runs as deep as your passion for this guy you like, then what happens when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you're just not very passionate about the guy today?

More importantly- if what you do for Christ isn't done out of faith- if what you do for Christ is really just done for man- it's sin! (Rom 14:23)

Anyone who seeks godliness apart from God is doomed to failure. Every time.

Any woman who seeks godliness to impress the guys is no godly woman at all.

If you think your husband will make you happy, will bring you joy, will give you fulfillment- you're wrong. Even the best man can't do that. Instead of him bringing you joy, you will bring him misery. If you make him your idol, he will always fail to measure up to the deity you want him to be.

But if you both are seeking first The Kingdom, what harmony and unity and love will result! The more you love Christ, the more you will love each other. A man with his whole heart given to Christ will love you far more than a man with his whole heart given to you. And a man with his whole heart given to Christ knows that it works both ways.

This takes us back to point 1. If you are waiting for Prince Charming instead of serving the King of Kings, then you aren't ready for Prince Charming in the first place.

Because a real man is looking for a woman who has already given her heart away.

To Christ.

Bearing this in mind, I hope that this list has encouraged both my sisters and my brothers, not in manliness or womanliness, but in Godliness.

Stop by next week for part 2. :-)



Friday, December 16, 2011

Sin or Statistics?

This young man's boldness convicts me, his faith inspires me, his message encourages me. But the fact that the church in this nation which will gnash their teeth at this message which comes straight from The Word of God saddens me. Oh for repentance! Oh for reformation!

Please watch this. Give ear to The Word of God thus spoken so boldly. Wrestle with The Truth- submit to It- and pass it on. Our nation needs to hear this. Homosexuality isn't wrong because of statistics. It's wrong because God says so.

True relevance comes when the Church submits to God and obeys His Word- not when she tries to hide it under a bushel.

What this young man says isn't popular. It doesn't submit to the gods of the marketplace. But it's true. And it needs to be said. May we not be found lacking the boldness to say it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Music: Brotherhood Montage

Something I wrote for a film that I'm working on, set in the Civil War era.

Oh, and there's a hymn in there somewhere, if anybody wants to try to find it... :-)

Brotherhood Montage - "Sons of Georgia" by gabrielhudelson

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music: Private, I

This piece was written for a comedy featuring two young detective wannabes. Not a genre I usually post, but definitely quite fun. Enjoy!

Private, I by gabrielhudelson

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! / Shameless Commercial Time

Yes, this is a day late- I was writing it on Thanksgiving Day and then I stopped to go be with the family. :-D

We have much to be thankful for, do we not? What are some of the things that you are thankful for? I'm thankful for... hmm...

(not necessarily in order)
  1. Godly parents
  2. The Word of God
  3. The Election of God
  4. The Love and Grace of God
  5. The Sovereignty of God
  6. Great siblings
  7. A Thanksgiving Day feast
  8. My grandparents
  9. An excellent computer with professional software
  10. Music
  11. God's provision
  12. Our next house (we're planning on moving at the beginning of next year)
  13. The Law and Justice of God
  14. The people that support my entrepreneurial endeavors

...and many more things.

But as a gift of appreciation to those in category 14, if you are a Facebook user you can get a free mp3 of my music.

If you aren't a Facebook user... well, you follow my blog, so I might just send you one anyway.


Just comment below with the title of the piece you'd like and then send me an e-mail at

To all of my readers, if The LORD leads you to pass on my music, I would greatly appreciate it. Whether you share my blog, tweet a link to my website, embed a video from my YouTube channel in a blog post, "like" my Facebook page (as linked above), or follow my Twitter account, this young entrepreneur will be very grateful.

Back to my Thanksgiving gift to y'all, here are the pieces to choose from:

Resounding Music - Gabriel Hudelson by gabrielhudelson

Monday, November 21, 2011

On Slipp'ry Terms

"Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions." - G.K. Chesterton

Discrimination. Tolerance. Diversity. One's bad and two are good, right?

Absolutely! Sort of. Maybe, because it kinda depends. And stuff.

You know?

I recently read on the Christian Science Monitor (not a site I frequent often) about how "[c]enturies of British royal discrimination came to an end... after Commonwealth leaders agreed to drop rules that give sons precedence as heir to the throne and bar anyone in line for the crown from marrying a Roman Catholic."

That word, that d-word, "discrimination", is so powerfully loaded in today's culture. Any time discrimination is ended, we should be glad.



In other news, I was reading through "Teaching Tolerance" magazine a few weeks ago. What a read! Every once and a while I even found things that I agreed with!

But what is the Christian perspective on "tolerance" and "diversity"? Jesus said "love your enemies." God has chosen and redeemed sinners from all walks of life and all depths of sin. So we should just accept everyone as they are.



And here's where it gets tricky, and the deceitful and un-taken-captive thoughts of this world will pull the wool over our eyes, if we aren't careful.

What's wrong with this sentence?

"We're working towards a world that is full of peace and tolerance for people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions."

How about this one?

"We are proud to announce that the discriminatory policies of the military against blacks and women have been repealed, and that now both African-Americans and the daughters of our country are free to join our nation's armed forces."

I'll give you a sec to take those sentences captive before I point out what one of my big problems with them is.

"He who defines the terms, wins."

Tolerance, diversity, and discrimination can all be good things OR bad things depending on how they are defined.

But it gets even more tricky when the definitions given mix apples and oranges.

Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation. These four so often are said in the same breath.

But they are totally different.

Race: A matter of birth.
  1. Something you have no say in.
  2. Something you are born into.
  3. Something that does not change your status towards God in that you are still made in His Image (though there will be plenty of spiritual inheritance from your forefathers which will either help or hinder your growth in The Grace and Knowledge of God).
  4. Something that gives no Biblical justification for discrimination (that is, discrimination against a certain race as being inherently less valuable. This kind of discrimination is not Biblically acceptable. Gen. 1+2)
Religion: A matter of Truth.
  1. Something that you must choose.
  2. Something that, while you might be "born into" or "raised into" it, is not an unchangeable part of you.
  3. Something that very much changes your status towards God in that you are either believing His Truth or believing a lie and walking in rebellion to Him.
  4. Something that does give Biblical justification for discrimination- in fact, Scripture commands us to discriminate against false teaching, to preach The Gospel, to proclaim that God is the only God and Christ is The Only Way and Truth and Life. (Jn. 14:6)
Gender: A matter of birth.
  1. Again, something you have no choice in.
  2. You cannot change it (well, technically you can- kind of- today, but you shouldn't change it, at any rate.)
  3. This also does not change your status toward God. He created male and female in His Glorious Image.
  4. But this category is different from race in that there is Biblical justification for good discrimination. What does this look like? It looks like difference in roles- not difference in value. The husband lays down his life for his wife- the wife lays down her will for her husband. The men fight. The women keep the home. The man is the head of the home, the wife is his helper. So on. (Gen. 3)
Sexual orientation: A matter of Truth
  1. Something you have a choice in. And if you're going to argue that you were born a homosexual, I must reply that God does not make provisions for that in His Word.
  2. You can change your "sexual orientation"- for better or for worse, it is a choice you make.
  3. This does change your status toward God in that it is an area of obedience (just like any other area of moral decision that He has addressed in His Law).
  4. This is an area which is Biblically discriminated against in that homosexuality is Biblically condemned. It's a crime on the level of murder or adultery. So sexual orientation isn't just a choice like red socks or blue socks- it's a choice like whether or not to murder someone. That's how Scripture presents it. (Lev. 18:22)
Interestingly enough, it seems that very few take issue with discriminating against murderers.

So to go back to the sentences above:

"We're working towards a world that is full of peace and tolerance for people of all races (non-moral issue- we should be tolerant of other races), genders (non-moral issue- we should be tolerant of the opposite sex), sexual orientations (moral issue- you will either obey God or you will rebel against Him), and religions (moral issue- you will either obey God or you will rebel against Him)."

"We are proud to announce that the discriminatory policies of the military against blacks (no Biblical difference of role between black man and white man) and women (plenty of Biblical difference between the roles of women and men) have been repealed, and that now both African-Americans and the daughters of our country are free to join our nation's armed forces."

See how this mixes categories? See how it compares apples to oranges? Hopefully this will better arm you to take those thoughts captive as you read the next liberal tolerance magazine promoting such hoggidy-washidy.

What about racial profiling?

Well, there's a difference between saying "You're black therefore you are inherently less valuable than me" and "You're black, we're inner-city and I've seen a lot of inner-city crime being committed by black people so I'm going to be careful until I get to know you."

There's a difference between "All Arabians are bad" and "Most terrorists are Muslims, most Muslims are from the middle-east, so if I see a guy with a turban and big black beard boarding my plane I might switch flights."

There's a difference between "Mexicans are unworthy to come to America" and "Most Mexican drug cartel members are... um... Mexican."


The first example in each case is a wrong thought process. Someone's race doesn't change their inherent value before God, so it shouldn't change their inherent value before us.

But in the second case it is simply a examination of the "fruits" of a certain race- watching the patterns and simply being wise and using common sense. If I'm looking for good Mexican food odds are I'll look for a Mexican chef. If I'm looking for illegal immigrants from Mexico- odds are I'll be looking for Mexican people! (Which isn't to say that I agree with our current immigration policies- far from it!- but another topic for another time.)

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his dream speech, hoping for the day when his kids would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

I still don't think that dream has been realized. What a group of people does will be used- should be used!- to evaluate individual members. Maybe the individual is better or worse than the reputation of those with whom he lives, in which case he can prove himself and be respected- or despised- for it.

But, today, when we do judge people (or a people group) by the content of their character we are criticized for being discriminatory.


Homeschoolers: Smart and respectful but dress funny
Tea Partiers: American flags and small government
Dogs: Slobbery
Tennesseans: Confederate flags and banjos
Texans: Sweet tea. Like, really sweet tea.
New Yorkers: Wild accent
Blacks: Very athletic; also prone to crime
Whites: Can't dance or jump
Mexicans: Probably illegal
So on.

(Side note: Isn't it interesting that I can insult whites all I want and it never feels weird, but the moment that I say that blacks as a class are prone to crime I feel like an edgy hater?)

Are there legal Mexicans? Absolutely. Are there athletic whites? Sure. Smart, upstanding blacks? Most definitely. My "economics professor" is one of them.

But the stereotypes are there for a reason. Instead of bemoaning the stereotypes and trying to duct tape every mouth that might speak according to those societal prejudices, perhaps we should focus on fixing the root issues that led to the stereotypes. Things like insanely high fatherlessness in black communities. You take the fathers away from white families and watch the crime skyrocket. These things have causes. But instead of trying to stop everyone from noticing the fruit, someone ought to fix the tree.

Back to the initial concept of slippery terms. I have one for y'all to try.

I'll leave you with this gem- you can tear this one apart yourself, and let me know how the thought-capturing goes in the comments:

"They should also know how symbols like swastikas, nooses and Confederate battle flags can offend and anger other students." - Teaching Tolerance article

(Oh, by the way, I feel very discriminated against by the Teaching Tolerance magazine. The amount of white males shown in the pictures in the magazine is nowhere near proportionate to the actual percentage of the population which we make up. It's almost like they're judging us or something.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Music: The Other Side of Midnight

Psychological thriller with a touch of action. Let me know what y'all think! I have a story for this piece- what's yours?

I'm imagining someone fleeing. Her name isn't Alice, and she's certainly not in Wonderland, but there is a sense of the fantastical in her quest. The landscape is foreign and barren and cold. It's dark and she's lost- but not lost in the sense of making a wrong turn- lost in the sense of being alone in the world, or even being thrust into a world that is not your own.

Why do they want to capture her? Maybe because she found something she wasn't supposed to. Maybe because she wasn't supposed to be here.

At any rate, she finds a house. Like a dream- maybe it is a dream- the gate opens for her. The door opens, too, and she steps inside quickly, gasping for breath. Maybe- maybe somehow this house holds the key to her return home. She keeps onward- down halls and up stairs. And then something catches her eye- it's a door. In this cold and dark house such a bright and clean door seems out of place. There's a clock atop the door, and it says 11:59.

Suddenly, with a great crash, the door downstairs crumbles into the house. Shouts and footsteps. Down the halls, up the stairs. She steps nearer to the door. The clock turns. The door clicks and begins to slide open. Just as her pursuers step into the hallway behind her, she runs, through the door, to the other side of midnight.

The Other Side of Midnight by gabrielhudelson

Oh, and which image do you like better? I went with the white one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music: Shadows in the Fog

This piece was actually begun as underscore for Ponder Pictures' "Brothers II" (working title), but we didn't keep it and so I took it and turned it into a stand-alone piece.

The story in my head:

Prologue- defeat and death, a wasted battleground covered in the slain.

Now, a small, battered group of men trudges through the forest- constant fighting, cold, misty weather, incessant marching- they are worn out. But still they march on. Soon enough, they begin hearing things- seeing shadows in the fog. Their leader stops them and looks around. The enemy closes in and we realize how close to defeat they really are. The leader, in the midst of the struggle, has his own reverie- remembering something, I don't know what, but something important. Maybe you can tell me what it was. At any rate, it invigorates him, and he encourages his men to stand fast for just a little longer. The battle presses in around them, and everything appears to be nearing an end.

Yet it's not over, for now we see someone else. He's running, looks like for help. Or is it to rescue? Ah, a few others are behind, rushing forward. One by one, they burst through the fog onto the battlefield, without hesitation, without regret, without even a moment's thought, one by one shouting a battle cry and throwing themselves into the fray. This gives a much-needed surge of strength to the drowning remnant. The battle's final end is now just as clear in view as before, but clearly different, and with but a few moments' struggle the battle is ended- the enemy scatters- and our men are left to count their dead and to prepare themselves to fight another day.

What do you think? What's your story?

Shadows in the Fog by gabrielhudelson

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music: Because I Love You

How's that for another excellent image by my sister and Genesis Effects?

Love it.

Yes, this piece-of-the-week is a love theme. I really enjoy this kind of music. The scene I'm envisioning in my head is obviously romantic. I believe that romance is a good and Godly thing to portray in films if done properly. (For example: having married couples play the romantic parts, having the romance that's written into the film follow God's Law, and not defiling the viewer with scenes that are unnecessary and inappropriate.)

I'd love to see more God-honoring romances in modern films!

So I'm thinking maybe a wedding, or the reception of a letter, or even just an reunion of husband and wife after a long absence- they're finally together again. I think I like this last one best. They're finally able to see each other after months or years apart. And the embrace/kiss/reunion, that would happen at right about 2:42. What does this piece make you picture?

Because I Love You by gabrielhudelson

Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Review - Red Rain

Watch the book trailer here.

Red Rain is a recently-released sci-fi novella by Aubrey Hansen- her first published work, actually. I read it last week (actually, I read the finished version for the first time, though I had read a rough draft previously before agreeing to score the trailer).

The Worldview

The Good

The worldview in this book is obviously a big selling point, as it is a Christian book. But that could be said of just about any "Christian" book, couldn't it?

I doubt it. Red Rain isn't just a story with a "sinner's prayer" slapped in there somewhere. It's constructed on the worldview of Christianity. And while there's never a "gospel presentation", the whole book is a presentation of the Gospel lived out.

The heroine is feminine- strong, but very clearly female.

The relationship between the heroine and her family is a very good one, beautiful to behold. She is submissive to her father, and honors and obeys him. The stereotypical free-willed girl and oppressive father are totally absent here- what a relief.

Just because there's no "pray-a-prayer" scene does not mean that this book is weak on Christianity. To the contrary, it is quite distinctively Christian, but doesn't have to rely on a cheap and forced "gospel" presentation to make it so.

The book shows homeschooling as a good thing. Oh yes.

Altogether, from a worldview perspective, very good...

The Bad

...though not perfect, of course. The thing that bothers me most about it is the possibility of spiritual pacifism and isolationism coming through. I don't know what Aubrey believes on this subject (and it wouldn't surprise me if I find out shortly after writing this review! :-), but the book could be interpreted to say "if they'll let us keep our religion and our Bible when we're in our house, that's all I ask." This must be reconciled with The Great Commission and The Dominion Mandate.

Any other worldview concerns aren't really even worth mentioning, as I recall.

The Art

The Good

Well, I was given an e-book for my involvement in the project, but we bought a paperback because I like those better. Plus, it was signed, so it might be worth millions someday. :-D

And it looks very nice. A bit simplistic on the front and side covers, but professional and clean. As for the inside- quite nicely done.

Now for the real art of the book- the story. The characters were very engaging and easy to visualize. The dialogue scenes were, in my opinion, some of the best parts of the book. The dialogue is well-written and engaging, and there are a few points where it's so heartfelt it's heartbreaking. The protagonist is very endearing and the villain is satisfactorily villainous. The book is also complemented well with a small (it is a novella) host of supporting characters that are memorable and believable. Aubrey's writing style is very enjoyable, moving from funny to poignant with ease.

The story was excellent. My family and I have talked about this. It seems to me that so many homeschoolers write stuff, but that they rarely take the time to learn their craft and craft their art so that they move from good stuff to good stories. This is a pet peeve of mine.

Aubrey, however, has apparently done her homework. The story was twisty, bittersweet, not quite resolved yet satisfying. Very nicely done. My heart wouldn't break if there were a sequel. (Just thought I'd join the crowd, Aubrey. ;-)

The Bad

There were a few lines that kept popping up that I thought were painfully cliché and/or over-epic. Not that I read or watch a lot of sci-fi, so that could be just me, but a few phrases seemed too forced- like they were supposed to be epic but just ended up cheesy.

There were a few weak scenes, and a few religious inclusions that seemed forced- not because they didn't belong there, but perhaps because they could have been better integrated into the story.

My last critique (for now, mwahaha) is that it seemed rushed. It wasn't terribly so- just a bit fast. I wished that there had been a little more time taken explaining and developing. Yes, it's a novella, but just a few pages more might have gone a long way.


If you're going to read fiction, this one is worth it. Its combination of good worldview and good story is very much worth the price and time. It lacks the last bit of professional polish, which might be expected from a first book. It also delivers very well on tension and gripping, bittersweet fun. Will I read it again? I doubt it. But, counting the rough draft, I read it twice, and enjoyed it both times. Will I have my kids (LORD willing, one day) read it? Probably. Would I recommend it?

Most definitely.

Learn more about and/or purchase Red Rain here (you might still be able to get a signed copy!)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Music: The Remnant

Was this piece inspired by the Bourne films? Not exactly, though the piece has some similarities. Inspired by a trailer scoring group notorious for their epic music, I wanted to write a piece that was consistently intense yet satisfying- and didn't go much beyond 2 minutes in length. Did I succeed? Well, you tell me!

So why the picture? Well, I think it fits the genre, and the title. I'm envisioning a few, beaten and battered faithful, tenaciously defending their last stronghold as it falls around them. Do they win? Well, you can tell me that too. :-D

Enjoy. :-)

(Check out the nice job my sister did, helping me with the text, on the YouTube version of this piece.)

The Remnant by gabrielhudelson

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Thoughts on Biblical Masculinity

A continued exploration of some of my thoughts from my recent post on this subject.

A friend of mine was discussing this through e-mail with me and we talked about the distinction between personality traits and character flaws- a very important distinction.

So what is the difference between a quietness that is OK- or even admirable- and a quietness that is weak and unManly? What is the difference between (another discussion with another friend) a man having a perfectly manly desire to stay inside and do computer work and a man being a mouse who can't handle a good, rugged hike?

God has given us different personalities.

God has also called us all- all of His sons, that is- to be men. Manly men. To obey Him, serve Him, advance His Kingdom.

So to the degree which our personality traits hinder our obedience to Him- to that degree our personality traits are character flaws.

You may be a quiet warrior or an outgoing one, a musical warrior or an outdoorsy one, a blogging warrior or a fishing one.

But as a son and ambassador of The Most High God- you must be a warrior.

No matter your method, you must slay the dragons.

So, to make it practical. If your quiet personality means you talk less and listen more, that's probably a good thing that we could all learn from. If your quiet personality means that you don't evangelize, don't meet new people, don't truly love others, then your quiet personality is now more than that- it has gone into the realm of sin, because it is preventing you from doing what God has called you to do.

On shyness. I don't think shyness is ever a good thing. Quietness can be Biblical, but shyness is a manifestation of love of self. So instead of being shy, we should turn our attention from ourselves to others, and start loving God and loving the people He has placed in our lives. (1st and 2nd greatest commandments)

On to my next point. Hear ye, thou wimps.

"The glory of young men is their strength, and the honor of old men is their gray hair." (Pr. 20:29)

Note to Mr. Hiccup: If a girl is showing you up (or beating you up) in physical contest, either she had better be quite the man or you had better be quite ashamed. Fortunately for you, young sir, Astrid is quite the man.

We are to be the protectors of the "weaker vessels"- that adjective is Scripturally applied to all of womankind, though the passage in question speaks specifically to the marriage relationship.

As young men, we should be strong. The stronger vessels.

So, my brothers, what are you doing to be strong? To be a good steward of the body that God has given you, of course- that goes for my sisters in Christ as well!- but specifically to be strong. Ruddy. Healthy. Able to protect and serve.

Do push-ups. Run a few miles. Something.

If your natural smallness means you aren't the fastest kid in the Church or the record-holding pusher-upper, fine. That's how God made you. Learn to use your mind. Hiccup is a good example of this- he can't throw the iron ball thingies, so he invents a machine to throw them for him.

But if you take that to be an excuse to be pale and wan, with bent shoulders and limp wrists, then you had better invest in some P90X or something.

Point three in my post addresses the girlyman syndrome.

This is something I've done myself in the past, and I regret having done so. I want to warn my brothers lest they too fall prey to this condition.

The girlyman syndrome is likely to happen when a young man hangs out around girls a lot. Note that it doesn't have to be this way. Not at all. It just takes a man of superior vision to be able to retain Godly masculinity even when he spends most of his time with those of the fairer sex.

A godly young man can be thoroughly manly when spending time with sisters in Christ- pure, masculine, respectful, chivalrous, edifying, and downright a pleasure to be around!

But the girlyman tries to be like the girls he admires or hangs out with (or is infatuated with). He'll read the books they like, and at least act like he enjoys them, just to please them. He'll listen to the music they like, he'll eat the same foods, he'll- well, the list goes on. You get the idea.

He's the kind of guy who says that he's not insecure about his manhood, therefore he can proudly carry around Pride & Prejudice or wear pink or collect stuffed animals.

Neither said book nor said color nor said pets are my issue. My issue is a man who is, ultimately, fearing (wo)man instead of fearing God, and who is acting out of regard for others instead of vision for The Kingdom (Mat. 6:33).

This is no true man at all.

Sadly, it can be very endearing to the young ladies since this young man is sculpting himself in their image.

And they might be Godly girls. A young man made in their image might be externally a pretty straight-laced and Godly fellow. (Maybe I should put a comma after "pretty". :-)

But the reason for his Godliness isn't true repentance and worship of God, nor the working of The Spirit in his heart, but rather a fleshly desire to please others.

Such sculpting in the end only results in a girlyman, not a true man seeking conformation to The Image of Christ.

These might be hard words for some. Know that they are spoken in love and with a smile! I hope this post edifies both brothers and sisters in Christ. Brothers- if you find yourself falling into these categories, and can see why that is Biblically reprehensible, repent and reform! Sisters, perhaps this will better arm you to look for the right things in men instead of being attracted by a man who molds himself to your will just to please you. Perhaps it will also prepare you to encourage Godly Vision in your brothers.

Men. We need to be devoted to a cause higher than ourselves. That cause must be The Kingdom of God. And for that cause we must be prepared to forsake all else.

For The Glory of God.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Music: Score from the iDSLR Spoof

The piece of the week is from Jeremiah Warren's recent iPhone spoof video.

This release is remarkably timed in light of the recent death of Mr. Steve Jobs, a man who, though I know very little about him, nevertheless unquestionably changed many things about the world we live in, and who I respect as an entrepreneur.

Especially since my music is made on a Mac.

Truly man in all his glory is but a breath.

(Here is an excellent article by Mr. Doug Phillips on the death of Steve Jobs.)

iPhone 5 iDSLR spoof music by gabrielhudelson

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Music: We March as Brothers

This one is the composer's cut of the credits music from Ponder Pictures' upcoming short, working title "Brothers II". Please pray for Spencer Weaver and crew as they continue to work on this film!

A bit of trivia for my much appreciated blog visitors. Can anyone identify:

1. The wind instrument at 1:37 and another score in which it features prominently?
2. The piece of music that the director gave me to style the opening "Brothers' March" after?


Seriously, you all are much appreciated. I thank people in the comments all the time, but I am just now thinking about how much I enjoy getting y'alls responses.


We March as Brothers - "Brothers II" by gabrielhudelson

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music: I Don't Believe in Guns

As with last week, this week's piece is from a project that I'm currently scoring. Here's the teaser trailer (which I did not score).

Enjoy! I need to get back to work... :-)

Introduction / Main Titles / First Victim - I Don't Believe in Guns by gabrielhudelson

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music: A Peek Into A Project

This piece of the week is a bit different. Rather than being composed for its own sake, this is actually from a film score in progress. Today's Piece-of-the-Week is my initial title concept which I wrote for Ponder Pictures' next film, working title being "Brothers 2".

Don't the EWQL bagpipes (which will probably not be used in the actual film) sound excellent?

Early Concept from "Brothers II" by gabrielhudelson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 Cor. 6 - on effeminacy

Paul, being intolerant again...

"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Cor. 6)

The Greek word for "effeminate" there can be translated "soft" or "fine".

I really was shocked (in a thrilled "why haven't I seen this before!" way) to realize that "effeminate" is in this list.

Has anyone else noticed the fad of girly, soft young men lately? I'm getting tired of it. I even see it among homeschoolers. A gentle, quiet softness that isn't just manly meekness- it's girly. And it's disgusting. And it's unBiblical, most importantly.

And it's so fashionable, it seems, today.

I'm not advocating boorish, vulgar manhood- just manly manhood.

Any other men out there who agree? Who desire to have a bit of thunder in their step, lion in their voice, iron in their grip, determination in their stride, fiery vision in their eyes?

Of course, this strength must be tempered by meekness. Strength under control for The Glory of God.

But I can be meek and still be very firmly a man.

May it be so. By God's Grace, for His Glory.


(See part 2 for more on this topic)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music: Inevitable

My piece of the week comes this time equipped with a 3D globe render from Genesis Effects, the family effects division. I pulled out good ol' EWQL Symphonic Choirs on this one.

Inevitable by gabrielhudelson

(Whoa, I didn't know I could embed like that... awsem!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music: The Road Home

This piece I wrote as a kind of audition for a potential client (sans-harmonica and with a few differences :-), and if you feel led you could pray that God would grant me favor in the client's sight.

However, it is also a stylistic stretch which was good for me- and it's my POTW. I'm envisioning a man- not quite a hobo, but having long been lost, tired, and wandering, very weathered, coated in dust and sweat, finally making his way down the last long stretch of dirt road, through the cornfields that he knows, and coming home.

What do you think? Does the piece sound good? Does it tell the story well? Is it interesting? How could it be better?

The Road Home