Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! / Shameless Commercial Time

Yes, this is a day late- I was writing it on Thanksgiving Day and then I stopped to go be with the family. :-D

We have much to be thankful for, do we not? What are some of the things that you are thankful for? I'm thankful for... hmm...

(not necessarily in order)
  1. Godly parents
  2. The Word of God
  3. The Election of God
  4. The Love and Grace of God
  5. The Sovereignty of God
  6. Great siblings
  7. A Thanksgiving Day feast
  8. My grandparents
  9. An excellent computer with professional software
  10. Music
  11. God's provision
  12. Our next house (we're planning on moving at the beginning of next year)
  13. The Law and Justice of God
  14. The people that support my entrepreneurial endeavors

...and many more things.

But as a gift of appreciation to those in category 14, if you are a Facebook user you can get a free mp3 of my music.

If you aren't a Facebook user... well, you follow my blog, so I might just send you one anyway.


Just comment below with the title of the piece you'd like and then send me an e-mail at

To all of my readers, if The LORD leads you to pass on my music, I would greatly appreciate it. Whether you share my blog, tweet a link to my website, embed a video from my YouTube channel in a blog post, "like" my Facebook page (as linked above), or follow my Twitter account, this young entrepreneur will be very grateful.

Back to my Thanksgiving gift to y'all, here are the pieces to choose from:

Resounding Music - Gabriel Hudelson by gabrielhudelson


M. Renata Hudelson said...

Awwwww! How sweet! I did e-mail it to A.N.H., and asked her to pass it on.

Hmm, I don't think i'll take any sweetie, because I get them for free anyway. :)

luv u, and your doing wonderful!


M. Renata Hudelson

Grace Pennington said...

Awesome! :D

I can only pick one? *sigh* Well, I guess I'll take The Remnant, should be useful for writing action scenes. :)

You already have my email, right!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! A few things I'm thankful for...

1. God's love and mercy
2. My amazing family
3. My good friends
4. Stories
5. Music

A very short list. :D God is so good!

Grace Pennington said...

Eh. :P That should have been: You already have my email, right?

Sorry about that. *hates typos*

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Yep, just one, Grace. ;-)

I shall send it presently!

Corey P. said...

Awesome! I don't have a FB account, so I'll comment here. :D

Hmmm... so many good pieces... but I think "Shadows In the Fog" is my favorite, so I'll choose that one. Now off to send you an email...

Keep up the great work!

BushMaid said...

Very good list, Gabriel. :) A few things I am thankful for:

The Grace of God
The ability to read, quote, speak God's Word freely.
The love and wisdom of my parents
My awesome siblings
Brothers and sisters in the Lord
My life and all its blessings. Truly, I'm undeserving of them all. :)

I should campaign for having a thanksgiving holiday in Australia. :D

I'm a non-facebooker, so I shall just click on the links and enjoy all their awesomeness from here. :D

Aubrey Hansen said...

This was such a wonderful promotion idea, Gabriel. I wish I would have noticed it earlier. I'm rightfully blaming Thanksgiving events for keeping me off the computer, which I don't mind, except that if I had seen this earlier, I could have promoted it more. ;) I hope you got a lot of likes!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks Aussie! Enjoy. :-D

(Actually, if you go to my SoundCloud account it has even more pieces...


Aubrey, thanks! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. And it went very well- praise The LORD, I got lots of "likes". Thanks for always being an eager marketing assistant. :-D

Brad said...

Hey Gabe,

Thanksgiving, although we should be grateful to God always is a wonderful time to put things in perspective.

I really like The Remnant and not just because I helped you compose part of it. haha jk ;)

If you want to send me that one.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

You're e-mail address is bouncing back, Brad. Could you send me another e-mail?