Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music: Shadows in the Fog

This piece was actually begun as underscore for Ponder Pictures' "Brothers II" (working title), but we didn't keep it and so I took it and turned it into a stand-alone piece.

The story in my head:

Prologue- defeat and death, a wasted battleground covered in the slain.

Now, a small, battered group of men trudges through the forest- constant fighting, cold, misty weather, incessant marching- they are worn out. But still they march on. Soon enough, they begin hearing things- seeing shadows in the fog. Their leader stops them and looks around. The enemy closes in and we realize how close to defeat they really are. The leader, in the midst of the struggle, has his own reverie- remembering something, I don't know what, but something important. Maybe you can tell me what it was. At any rate, it invigorates him, and he encourages his men to stand fast for just a little longer. The battle presses in around them, and everything appears to be nearing an end.

Yet it's not over, for now we see someone else. He's running, looks like for help. Or is it to rescue? Ah, a few others are behind, rushing forward. One by one, they burst through the fog onto the battlefield, without hesitation, without regret, without even a moment's thought, one by one shouting a battle cry and throwing themselves into the fray. This gives a much-needed surge of strength to the drowning remnant. The battle's final end is now just as clear in view as before, but clearly different, and with but a few moments' struggle the battle is ended- the enemy scatters- and our men are left to count their dead and to prepare themselves to fight another day.

What do you think? What's your story?

Shadows in the Fog by gabrielhudelson


Corey P. said...

That. Was. Phenomenal. Two thumbs up for an awesome piece of music. :D

Renata said...

Absolutely Awthem!!!!!

War of the Awesomes…..

HERO thrusts;
Shadows in the Fog swerve;
They are bloodied with awesomeness;
Coated in epicness;
thrills and chills surround them;


I mucho liko!

The voices were fully epic!

luv u :xox

~ Renada

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Corey- thanks much! Glad you enjoyed. :-)

Renata- you're funny. ;-)

Jamie T said...

Another epic battle piece, Gabe! They're by far my favorites! Which reminds me, I thought you'd like to know that when I wrote my battle scenes on the main character's castle wall during one of my writing sessions, I played your piece 'The Remnant' in the background for effect. Twas awesome. :D

@Renata: You make me laugh, you over-dramatic silly! Lol. :)


Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks, Jamie. Glad it inspires you. To God be The Glory. :-)

Hey, do I get to read that scene sometime..?

Matthew Presley said...

Outstanding! This one and Hero are my favorites!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks, Matthew!

Grace Pennington said...

This is really good, Gabriel. :D You're especially good at the dramatic stuff. :)

Jamie T said...

Yes, you may read it, Gabe. Once I've got all the spelling corrected and Rebekah has finished pointing out where the bad spots are. XD You'll have to read it and listen to it together!


Nashae Hudelson said...

What is with all the positive comments? Everybody most live with barbies and bunnies for some reason.

I thought it wasn't near as good as HERO, it wasn't outstanding enough to grab my attention, I got bored, it sounded weak, the title is misleading, the woman sounds like she is singing in a box, I like it the song too much, it sounds synthetic, all the people commenting here are optimist coffee-drinkers, I wish I could score like that, but I can't, so...

To sum it up, I like it. Just not as good as HERO.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Um... thank you... I think... ;-)

Luv ya sis.

Jamie T said...

Nechet, I don't drink coffee, thank you very much. XD

Just wanted to clear that up....


Rebekah said...

I got to listen to this before, but didn't get a chance to comment... I really enjoyed it. Quite honestly, I don't really remember what or if I pictured a story this time... I listened to it while packing for a trip. I enjoyed it all the same though! :D

To the KING be all the glory!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Good. Thanks for the comment Rebekah. :-)