Friday, November 18, 2011

Music: The Other Side of Midnight

Psychological thriller with a touch of action. Let me know what y'all think! I have a story for this piece- what's yours?

I'm imagining someone fleeing. Her name isn't Alice, and she's certainly not in Wonderland, but there is a sense of the fantastical in her quest. The landscape is foreign and barren and cold. It's dark and she's lost- but not lost in the sense of making a wrong turn- lost in the sense of being alone in the world, or even being thrust into a world that is not your own.

Why do they want to capture her? Maybe because she found something she wasn't supposed to. Maybe because she wasn't supposed to be here.

At any rate, she finds a house. Like a dream- maybe it is a dream- the gate opens for her. The door opens, too, and she steps inside quickly, gasping for breath. Maybe- maybe somehow this house holds the key to her return home. She keeps onward- down halls and up stairs. And then something catches her eye- it's a door. In this cold and dark house such a bright and clean door seems out of place. There's a clock atop the door, and it says 11:59.

Suddenly, with a great crash, the door downstairs crumbles into the house. Shouts and footsteps. Down the halls, up the stairs. She steps nearer to the door. The clock turns. The door clicks and begins to slide open. Just as her pursuers step into the hallway behind her, she runs, through the door, to the other side of midnight.

The Other Side of Midnight by gabrielhudelson

Oh, and which image do you like better? I went with the white one.


David R. said...

I don't know. The white one is good, but for the scenario you described I think the bottom one would fit much better. It has more of a rough, banged up feel that you would expect to see in an old house.
I liked this piece a lot. I envisioned something totally different. I will elaborate my visualization further and see where it leads.
Love the piece!

Corey P. said...

Great piece. I think the white cover is best. There's something slick and just a tad ominous about it, which is fitting, I think. :)

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks for the comments, y'all- David, I look forward to hearing your visualization elaborated. :-D

Grace Pennington said...

*shivers as she listens to music*

Gabriel, this is amazing. Possibly my favorite of your pieces so far -- though that may be because I enjoy scary/suspense stories so much. :D

I like the bottom, darker image much better, it seems to fit the music and your scenario better, I think.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks, Grace!

Jamie T said...

. . . . . . Wow. Very well done!

I think I like the bottom picture best. Not sure why, though.

I got a completely different picture in my head, as well.

I got the image of a pair of detectives or FBI agents (or some profession like that) entering and than searching through a large office room. Paging through files, moving objects across tables, searching through drawers. With each short pause in the music they find something that either gives them a hint or helps make something in the plot connect. At about 2:10 their presence is discovered in some fashion but they get out without being identified. That's the story that came to my mind. :)


Gabriel Hudelson said...

Nice, Jamie. I like your story too. Lots of takes on this piece. I guess it was story-rich!


Praise The LORD.

Aubrey Hansen said...

I think you chose well in using the white-background piece, but the grunge on the second picture is AMAZING!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Aubrey, I think the grunge was mostly already there- gotta love CG textures. Thanks for the comment!

Rebekah said...

I really liked this one! I was picturing a man, probably around forty, unshaven and dirty, running for his life in a dark forest. It's late at night. He has to get passed the national border, before the stroke of midnight. His family is on the other side and if he doesn't make it in time, the borders will close and he will be stuck. He runs, chased hard, he sees the border, the time is close... but was he in time? I couldn't figure out if he made it or not...

It didn't really match your image at all, did it? :p

I think I like the second image better... but both of them are well done! :)

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