Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year in View

Today the sun sets on another year.

Repeatedly Scripture exhorts the people of God to remember. As this year comes to a close, it provides an opportune, if somewhat arbitrary place in time to set up stones of remembrance. The Hand of God has done much, and it behooves those who desire to see a faithful progeny to record these events that their children and grandchildren may remember.

"Let this be a sign among you, so that when your children ask later, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ then you shall say to them, ‘Because the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD; when it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.’ So these stones shall become a memorial to the sons of Israel forever." - Joshua 4:6-7

So while I hope that any who read this will be edified, this post is for myself and for my family, both present and (LORD willing) future.

Over the past year, our great God has providentially brought to pass many things, only a few of which I shall mention below.

We moved from our previous home of five years into a house that God provided through a family in our church, and thus became debt free (if officially homeless :-). Little brother number two was born in April. After this, Mom went through a time of being bedridden. Praise God, it was not nearly as long as it could have been, and she has been back to full health for quite some time now. I got the Complete Composer's Collection, and our family also purchased another Macintosh for our business endeavors. Our church began meeting in a school building when we had previously been meeting in homes. The LORD has brought me multiple business opportunities, and I have worked on a variety of films- including multiple projects that I'm working on right now. We were able to spend much time together with both sets of our grandparents. Dad's father died, and Dad performed the funeral service back in Indiana. We commemorated one sister's coming-of-age with a "Milestone Celebration," and another sister was baptized. Dad and I met with Mark Rushdoony this very morning.

I asked him what he would say to the next generation if he could say one thing. While I can't quote his answer word-for-word, I shall paraphrase it. He said that we must remember to not be focused on one specific area of life, like politics or family, in such a way that we lose sight of The Kingdom. We must seek first The Kingdom. It is crucial that the next generation learns this!

This brings me to the spiritual growth which has been worked in our family by God in His mercy. This year I've wrestled through the doctrine of The Trinity and had legalisms exposed that were hiding in the wings of my presuppositions. Praise God- may we never stop growing.

This is just a sampling of the many works of God. May we always remember!

This time of year also lends itself well to the setting of goals- the casting of vision for the future. Some might call them "New Year's Resolutions." Regardless of the term used, "In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." (Pr. 14:23)

Setting achievable, practical goals, with a time-frame in which they must be accomplished and incremental steps leading to their completion, can help to keep the goal-setter on track, so that they are laboring toward their goals instead of merely talking. Ultimately, of course, a goal is only going to be fulfilled that is according to the sovereign plan of God- every plan for the future must be understood in the context of "if The LORD wills." However, that should not be a deterrent from prayerfully setting goals and working towards them.

So here are some of my personal goals for 2012.

I hope to release three albums this year, if The LORD sees fit. More updates on that to follow. I would also like to be prepared to provide for a wife. I want to get back to practicing the piano consistently, and would like to practice for ten hours each week, minimum, except on weeks with important holidays or on vacation. I am sure that I won't make it every week, but I want to strive for it. I also want to exercise consistently. I'd like to release the first book in a piano curriculum. Lastly, I want to be consistently memorizing Scripture.

You are welcome to hold me to these!

So now I ask you this:

What are your plans for 2012- how is God leading you?

What are your memories from 2011- what has God done in your life?

What are you doing right now to pass on the legacy of God's mighty acts of providence to the next generation?

Tomorrow the sun rises on another year. May it be a year filled with production for The King and His Kingdom. May each unforgiving minute of 2012 be filled with "sixty seconds of distance run."


Gods Country Boy said...

Ok Gabe, today I would have made you proud. We were in a parade, and afterwards I had to race a full size horse to try to catch it, when it busted loosed from where it was tied to the trailer. I think I was running so fast you would have proud. Ask Lisa and the rest of the gang for the full story, 'cause its to long to put down here.
So, maybe a back-burner goal for '12 - run more. It sure turned up handy today.
Happy New Year.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

HA! Love it. Yes, I hope to do some running this year meself.

May God richly bless you and yours this upcoming year!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

(Oh, and to give a more detailed response to your tale- sounds like an awesome and fun experience. I am indeed proud of you, brother. :-D

And that sounds like it'd be a great goal for you too, if you're serious about it. We could even set a running schedule for the year and hold each other to it.)

Bush Maid said...

Great goals for the coming year, Gabriel. Mine include practising family values that I already know so that I can be them without thinking, to spend more time studying God's Word, to learn how to handle paperwork, and to write a novel.

I look back on this year with mixed feelings. I see lessons learnt through situations I blundered into without thinking. I see joyful times spent with family and friends. I see mistakes I've made. I see amazing amazing experiences. It's been a year of ups and downs, as always, yet I'm thankful that it is one God has brought my family and I safely through. :) I look forward to another year spent living under God's never-ending grace.

(by the way, I am curious as to what you learned regarding your study of the Trinity. I am currently studying that doctrine, and I was wondering if you would mind my emailing you about your thoughts on the matter? Perfectly fine if you'd rather not, but I thought I'd ask! :D)

Albert Rommal said...

Very nicely stated. We should place stones down so that our children will ask us. May god cause that conversation to occur frequently in 2012. May the Lord richly bless you this year.

Anonymous said...

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, and thank you for this post.

I "stumbled upon"... (I don't think we stumble upon things do you? :) I think our Lord Jesus knows exactly where He takes us) your blog yesterday, and I made a comment last night, on your first post on Biblical femininity... I just thought I'd let you know, because I know I'm really far behind. And haven't made any other more current comments.
Anyways, but I wanted to tell you Happy New Year too... and to share what the Lord showed me about reaching for goals, this last year. I naturally have set them, even unknowingly... like anyone else, but the Lord has convicted me over and over, that He must be my goal. And reaching only to die to myself, that I might live only in Him, must be my purpose, praise His Most Holy Name.
That's a lesson He's taught me, this year, and I thought I'd share it. :)

He has done so much for me this year, that I'd love to share here... but I'm afraid it would just grow to long!
But one of my prayers earlier this year, and late last year was to "make me love you more." That was what I wanted, because I know in our flesh dwelleth no good thing, and we don't "want" to love and serve the Lord Jesus with our whole hearts. Praise His Name, He answered my prayer, in ways I never dreamt of.
Through trials, and heartache, through rejoicing and joy too, I've seen the Lord Jesus, and I've grown to Love Him, more and more, by His Own Love, within me. Praise His Holy Name. I love Him so.

So my New Year's resolution, if I may call it that, since to me making resolutions can be out of myself, and not of the Lord... but in this case, I know the Lord Jesus would be pleased, is only to seek and serve Jesus Christ... and to honor and please Him.

May He be our True goal... each and every one of us.

I was blessed by what you shared brother, especially about meeting in a house, as I am always encouraged by that... since it was the way the apostles did it, and it always blesses me. But I also praise the Lord for providing space for worship for you all, in the school you mentioned.

I praise the Lord for His Life indwelling His children, and I pray that even though we all have so far to go, and always will, that He will continue to teach us.

Be blessed, and my prayers are with you all.

Aubrey Hansen said...

Three albums from Gabriel and a book from BushMaid? Sounds awesome! Count me in. ;)

Thanks for this wonderful post, Gabriel! You have great thoughts and exciting goals, so I shall be looking forward to more of the former this coming year and updates on the latter.

This past year God turned me into a self-published author... and then had to break me to teach me a lot about balance and priorities. Concretely, one of my goals this year is to publish several books, if the Lord wills. More abstractly, I want to continue working towards finding a balance of being productive yet not stressed and of having the right priorities.


Bailey said...

Happy New Year, Gabriel! It blesses me to hear of our great God at work in you.

Lisa said...

"Seek first the Kingdom!" Right on!!!! I so appreciate your blog, Gabe!

Yes, you totally would have been proud of David. It was quite the sight - him running and running...and running as FAST as he could. In cowboy boots. Hilarious! And too much fun. Maybe I'll post the whole story on my blog.

I can't wait for your albums to come out! First release date?

C. said...

Hello again, brother,

I just was looking through some of your older posts and I happened upon this one... (happened upon! there I go again...)

It bothered me a lot, as much as it did on your first post on Biblical feminity... that you were willing to "slug" the other men... or that men should be willing to "shoot the intruder" so to speak, should his family be in danger.

I was just wondering how you can explain violence away on standing up for the Kingdom.

After all the most qualified Person that ever lived to defend the Kingdom was Jesus Christ Himself. Amen, He was willing to give His All to stand for God... He stood for the Reality of Himself, in the Father.

But even when God Himself, in man,our Savior Jesus Christ, was rejected of men... He stood up for the Kingdom, but He told his disciples "Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them." Luke 9:55-56

Also what of the Scripture, brother, where the Lord says "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also... Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you: That ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven." in Matthew Chapter 5.

If we do not follow the commands of our Father, we cannot be His children, or follow in His Life. This the Bible clearly teaches.

In Him, C.

Grace Pennington said...

Thank you for sharing all this, Gabriel. :) Looking back on God's blessings is such a delight and so encouraging!

A couple of my more specific regulations for this year are to publish at least one book, and finish memorizing Ecclesiastes.

God bless, and Happy New Year! :)

Glandias the Fox said...

Some of my plans include mostly personal goals - Such as reading at least ten non-fiction books, making a habit of being [url=[/url]fully present[/url] mentally, physically, and emotionally, exercising much much more, and learning discipline. Also to get at least one, maybe two, karate belts (Yellow and then orange).

Memories of last year - I was asked to help a lady in town with some projects, so I was able to earn a little money.

I ran for South Dakota TeenPact Governor. I lost though. Learned alot about campaigning and leadership though!

So I hear you're moving again soon? Where to? For what reason do you need to move?

Glandias the Fox said...

Glandias the Fox - Heh, I need to get that changed. My real name is Joseph Updike. ;)

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks, y'all, for the comments! Joseph, we're moving to another city nearby- for a multiplicity of reasons. Kinda long to explain here, but feel free to e-mail me if you wish.

Aussie, I wouldn't mind that at all- I'd greatly enjoy it. I also preached a sermon on The Trinity back before Christmas... I hope to have that online soon.

"I was just wondering how you can explain violence away on standing up for the Kingdom."

"When I saw their fear, I rose and spoke to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people: "Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.""

- Neh. 4:14

I believe that there is a time to turn the other cheek but also a time to fight. If someone slaps me, then hopefully I will simply take it in love. If someone seriously tries to harm me, I shall defend myself.

And if someone tries to harm my sister- may they rest in pieces.


Do you mean to say that there is never a place for violence?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

OH! The albums.


Tentative release dates are two albums May 17th and one Nov. 23rd.

C said...

Greetings again,
Well, by stating thus, I mean basically to say, yes, that I haven't found any Biblical foundation from the Lord Jesus, to be violent. I believe as His children... as followers of the Lamb, we should do what we see the Lord Jesus doing, and what He taught.

Also in Matthew Chapter 5, starting with vs 38, He said "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, *resist not evil*.

Resist not evil, brother. Where does violence stand in this?

By bringing up Nehemiah, aren't you doing the same thing the Pharisees might've done... bringing up what the Old Testament says, against, the Words of Jesus?

Clearly just as such a thing as divorce was liberally condoned in the olden days, it was not so with our Lord, and so is violence.

It hurts the faith of other believers to see men like you, stating that violence is okay... especially when you condone videos such as the one I mentioned. No man should act that way... and by participating in that, even though you enjoy writing the music, it condones the evil within the movie.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice opportunities, rather than our convictions. If you felt perfectly comfortable with it, why did you need to explain in that post your view on violence, to the believers reading your blog?

In Him, C

amy said...

Oh, wow! Three albums this year?? How very exciting!

Encouraging post! Glad to hear how the Lord has worked in your life this past year. Hope you have a fruitful new year.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

No, by bringing up Nehemiah I am stating using Scripture to defend my position. :-)

(Just like Jesus did when arguing with the devil.)

Now, C., forgive me for answering a question with a question.

Would you attempt to rescue, using physical force, a woman who was being attacked in an alley?

C said...


So you're defending your position, against the Word of the Savior, you claim to serve and love?
Jesus was defending His Position, against the devil... not against His Own Word.
Besides you don't really need to defend your position do you? In Christ we must share what the Lord puts on our hearts with humility and truth. We should be able to share without being offended. And just as I share with you, you should be able to share with me. And we should both listen with open hearts and open spirits, to the Truth of God.

That said, I very clearly see where you're coming from brother, and I respect that. I know as a human being it seems only "right" to get bloody and be a warrior when occasion calls us to do so.

But as you seem to believe in living by the Word, I don't think we can justify promoting violence, such as this. Do you?

The video I mentioned was horrific, as far as Christianity is concerned. First of all no one was in physical danger, or hurting. There was no call to action, other than pride and self-will... This is no justifiable cause, even in a humanly "religious" mind. Not to mention the Words of Jesus.

As to the scenario you mentioned, I'd like to ask the question in response, which could be termed quite a cliche... but is true none-the-less... "What would Jesus do?"

I find little proof that He would physically assault anyone. In fact, I haven't found an occasion in the Bible where He physically hurt anyone. Even when He drove the people from the temple, He didn't beat on them. Marching to His own crucifixion He healed a man that was hurt through the violence of the disciples... He was not pleased with the violence they showed.
Hanging on the tree beside a man that mocked him, He said "today you shall be with me in paradise".

Brother, Christ had Love. He still does. As His children, violence cannot play in our hearts.

Were such a situation as you mentioned to come to any one of us, I do not believe we could be justified to deliberately attack another human being... Jesus didn't give us leave to do that.
The verses we discussed before clearly state that we "resist not evil."

Our Lord did give us the strength however, in Him, to cast out demons, to use the Fruit of the Spirit... to fight the evil one (even functioning through man) with the Sword of God. I believe in every moment, our Jesus will give us Words to say, or actions to do, that would be pleasing to Him - just as He promised.

But I do not believe, beforehand, that we should prepare ourselves by watching, filming, or in any wise behaving violently... condoning violence in any manner is very clearly against the order of our Savior... no matter what man may see, or think...

The Word of God is true. We must take every part of it. Not just the parts that suit us.

As you stated, violence is a fact of life - under satan's domain, not Christ's.

It is not something as Christians, we should be involved in.

Brother, I just can't see in the position you're taking, that you can continue to condone such behavior. Or that you can Biblically found such thoughts.
Please pray about this, and think of the brethren you are causing to stumble. Seeing, I'm sure, as the servant of Christ you claim to be, I believe many people would respect your views, and your vision.

Be careful brother, unless you cause another to stumble, or to offend.

In Christ,

Gabriel Hudelson said...

"So you're defending your position, against the Word of the Savior, you claim to serve and love?"

No. I'm defending it against you.


Maybe I'll write a post on this sometime. To continue like this will take a lot of time to get down to some of our foundational disagreements, so I'm going to respectfully bow out of this conversation for now. Thanks for discussing!