Monday, October 20, 2008



G. A. Hudelson

I come to tell you of myself,
A venture not of pride,
But a tale of glory, and of Truth,
To give my children when I’ve died.

I cannot speak highly of myself,
For I would be at a loss for words,
But I shall tell you what is True,
To affirm what you may have heard.

I am a warrior, even now,
Though still within my youth,
A soldier of The Cross,
Fighting for my LORD, Who is The Truth.

I fight a bloody battle, now,
Against the crimson night,
Following my Great King Jesus Christ,
The Leader of The Light

And my children, when you read this,
I want you then to say,
“My father served his LORD The King,
From day to bloody day,

“And he fought many a battle,
So that with him I would sing,
‘Jesus is my Master,
And my father’s LORD my King!’”

And now I stand on the bloody battle field,
That my father for me won,
And remember the splendid and the great
Things that he for King has done,

And I know that our King’s victory,
Has only just begun,
And so I fight, and boldly,
And I fight for you, my son,

That one day you, like me, may stand,
Before our mighty foe,
Stand for your wife and family
That this dark world may know,

That my father served A Greater King,
And for Him I have died,
And now my children, ‘tis your turn,
To fight together, side by side,

And if you stand true, for my King,
Then I shall testify,
If all my life was meaningless-
For that, I’d gladly die!


Rebekah said...

Amen! Very well written! I really liked it!

To the KING be all the glory!

AAK said...

Very good. I like how it is writen.