Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doing the Impossible/Possible

Some of my favorites from a recent photo shoot.  Thanks to my sisters for doing all that picture-taking!

In these photos I'm doing a move from P90X2 called the Impossible/Possible. 

Fun stuff.  I wrote a post on Biblical principles of physical fitness once- you can read that here.

So what are you doing to be a good steward of the body that God has given you?

The passage in the picture below is such a good reminder for me when it comes to physical fitness.  The body will pass away, no matter how well you take care of it.  So while it is good to be a good steward of the body that we've been given, it's not good to obsess over the flesh- whether it's exercise, or diet, or style, or whatever, if taken to a point of idolatry it all becomes vanity.

May God give us the wisdom to find a balance between care for the body and care for the soul that is pleasing to Him.


Taralyn Rose said... that you in a muscle shirt!! Shame, shame.

hehe, I'm only kidding ;-)

Yup, fitness is important, I believe, in my case for preparing for carrying and giving birth to children and keeping up with them till I'm an old lady :-) And health is vital- I'm aware that I need to eat healthy years before childbearing. So, yup.

Anyways, have a good Saturday!

Brad said...

haha, nice picture!

I'm always running and jumping everywhere. My new favorite exercise is clap behind the Back Pushups(currently can do 16), its like clap pushups, but you clap your hands behind your back when you go up. Another one is clap pullups, those are fun.
We just need to strive to not make our exercise or anything else more important than our relationship with God. Is our mind on the things of man or the things of God?

Jemimah said...

I agree with Taralyn Rose. In a woman's case, we need to keep our bodies strong and healthy if we want to have children. If we have a weak body then it could be dangerous. And it can be fun, just working out for the fun of it, and feeling good afterwards.
We need to keep our bodies strong and healthy, because how can we go around doing what God has called us to do if we're weak?

Anonymous said...

You can't discount natural weakness. Calvin was apparently sickly (could've been malnourishment, too). I think it's a matter of "do your best".
Great stuff, Gabriel. Haven't tried that push-up before. Gonna have to...

RE Parker said...

Shucks...I can't do regular push-ups let alone sit on an exercise ball with toppling off. If I tried that, you'd have to take me to the ER for a busted head!

Speaking of push-up's, my Daddy could always out-do his Lt. Col...but in the process he kind of damaged his rotar-cuffs. All you guys doing push-up...don't over-do it. You're going to want those shoulders when your 50... :)

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Taralyn, when you're as in-shape as I am, any shirt becomes a muscle shirt.


In all seriousness, feel free to call me on any and all such. I am actually considering making a Christian fitness program (in the semi-distant future :-b) and one of the biggest selling points would be that the people in the videos, are- you know... clothed.

I don't want to swing to the side of paranoia with the modesty issue, but I'm ever eager to get feedback, so please, don't hesitate to say "Um, next time, wear a shirt that's one size bigger please." I know that one was tighter, and I found it artistically appropriate, but don't hesitate to disagree with me.

The rest of y'all- amen and amen. Good stuff, all the way around.

Pinecone, yes, I don't believe that there's a Scriptural principle requiring everyone to be P90X2 level athletes. :-D

And Racheal gives good advice...

Taralyn Rose said...

haha! I was just joking, I promise :-D The shirt looks fine.

A fitness program sounds great!

Marjo.....B. said...

Those are really neat pictures! I wouldn't have guessed they were taken by a family member!

Actually, fitness has always been important in our family, but recently I actually realized my true convictions regarding it! Just like healthy eating habits, exercise routine is crucial! I know many girls who think it not necessary....but it really is! We need to take the upmost care of our earthly bodies, for the further advancement of Christ's kingdom....and for healthy families! :)
Thanks for all the good thoughts.