Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Story Begins - December 27

It's official!  God willing, HERO will be available for download from starting December 27th.  Here's most of the text I wrote for the Facebook event, if you want more info... it's best when read in an epic voice.  ;-)

HERO is an album of legends; a chronicle of journeys and of those who take them; musical tales of overwhelming odds, imminent danger, stubborn courage, and final victory; a point of departure for flights of imagination set for destinations unknown.

HERO invites the listener to take a daring trip; to set forth boldly through treacherous terrain and against insurmountable odds; to fight, to die, and to conquer. It is a journey fraught with turmoil but founded on hope, knowing that the just God Who reigns over all will be victorious in the end. It is a journey which roams from the wild west to the wild oceans, from city streets to ancient citadels.

It is the journey of heroes.

Here's a taste of the music:

These images are all different ways of saying the same thing- pointing people to my website- and they are for you to share, if you feel so led.  I appreciate the help with spreading the word.

Oh, and if you take away all the text except for the title and my name, you get the final album cover.  I happen to think it turned out pretty awesomely.  Praise God!


Taralyn Rose said...


I read it to myself in an epic voice.


Gabriel Hudelson said...


Bush Maid said...

* steals awesome album cover to spruik it on her blog * :D

Anonymous said...

I don't like the extra text on any of them. It looks to cluttered.

Rebekah said...

The cover looks great and I'm so excited that you finally have a release date! Praying that your release goes well! :D

To the KING be all the glory!

Jemimah said...

Wow, the cover looks fantastic!
Hope your release goes well.

In Christ,