Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear Humanism

Dear Humanism,

Please stop being self-righteous about protecting children from the abuse of corporal punishment while actively encouraging the slaughter of babies in the womb.

Please stop pretending you're empowering women as you systematically destroy womanhood.

Please stop proclaiming that you care about the next generation- the generation that you are shackling with debt, murdering in droves, and educating into psychosis.

Please stop acting like you care about the prosperity of the nations you are enslaving.

Please stop marching forward the destruction of the family behind the facade of love.

Please stop preaching the bold lie that you're more scientific than The One Worldview that actually makes sense of reality.

Please stop selling tyranny as peace.

Please stop promising salvation through slavery.

Please stop telling people that they can listen to you and still expect life and reason to follow.

Dear Humanism, I'm not asking you to change what you are.

I'm asking you to stop pretending you're something else.


Ashton S. said...

It is sad the way our world is coming to. More over with abortion and the way the government is working. Simply sad.

Jennifer said...

Love it, Gabriel!