Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Womb of the Dawn – First Taste

Here’s a taste from the upcoming album “The Womb of The Dawn.” This is a rough Behind-the-Scenes preview; the orchestration is very nearly complete, but the vocals are a practice track Faith sent to me which I threw into the orchestration with hardly any time given to mixing and mastering; waiting for the official studio recording sessions- early November, God willing- in a room and on a microphone that will do better justice to her voice before I sink time into perfecting the mix. Still, this is enough to get me very excited! Any and all sharing and general hubbub-raising is much appreciated and, more importantly, please keep this project in your prayers.

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Liam Siegler said...

I simply cannot wait for this. Totally looking forward to it. I will be praying that the Lord helps you complete this project with excellence!

God Bless,