Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mr. and Mx.

Watched a little segment on Fox tonight about how Amazon has removed the "Boys" and "Girls" filters from their toy searches and the Oxford English Dictionary is introducing Mx. as a gender-neutral alternative to Mr. or Ms.

He Who sits in the heavens laughs.  It really is quite funny to watch the gods of the politically-correct marketplace scramble to sandblast every remnant of reality off of the reality that surrounds them.  Predictably, like sweeping a dirt floor, it's not working very well.

Then one of the ladies on the segment talks about how the most we can say about whether there are real biological differences between boys and girls is that we don't really know.

So... let's run a few quick polls.

What does a doctor say when a baby is born?  "It's a _____"

Is the doctor right or wrong?  And if the terms "male" and "female" no longer refer to objective biological differences, then... what's the doctor supposed to say?  Do we need new terms that somehow can acknowledge an anatomical reality without acknowledging a spiritual one?  Or are we also questioning the anatomical reality?

Next poll:

Put a group of girls in an empty room.  Put a group of boys in an empty room.  Give each group maybe some sticks and rocks.  What are they going to do?

Next poll:

Ask your average girl what her ideal body would look like, and note the adjectives she uses.  Ask your average guy the same question.

Next poll (this one is fun):

What would be your initial reaction to a scene from, say, an Avenger movie, in which Black Widow is cradling Thor in her arms, carrying him away from a place of danger?

Now, reverse the roles.  Does your reaction change at all?

If so, are you a sexist?  Or are you just a normal person who has been wired by God to think in terms of reality?

Something to think about.  Oh, and I loved the other lady's comment at the end... "This just makes it harder to shop."

And thus is the world of political correctness.


Bailey said...

I read an article a while ago about how it's wrong for a doctor to pronounce "It's a girl/boy," that that pronouncement automatically traps the child in a particular gender. So that happened.

Yeah....this stuff just makes it harder to shop and be a doctor and be a woman or man, frankly. I'm almost glad this conversation is happening in order to nail down what it means to me a man or a woman...but then again, should that be something we even question?

And I'm a fan of "Mx." if I can use it when emailing androgynous names. :D

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what would you do if say, your daughter HATED dolls and other girls toys and wanted to play with Hot Wheels or Legos instead?

I'm a girl and as a kid I thought dolls were creepy. Wouldn't go near them. Not only were they creepy, but they were incredibly boring as well. Never was a fan of that domestic stuff.

Why can't a kid just decide what he or she wants to play with without having some adult force them to play with a toy or do an activity that doesn't interest them at all?

Liam Siegler said...
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Liam Siegler said...

Haha, political correctness to some of it's greatest absurdity.

Great article Gabriel!