Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feminism and Spandex

My daughter. Born May 7, 2016.

Our baby's name, Jael Bethany Hudelson, means the following...

Jael is called to be a fruitful, home-focused warrioress, like her Biblical namesake, and like her mother. 

Jael means "mountain climber" or "mountain goat;" our little girl is called to conquer obstacles and do hard things for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

Bethany means "house of dates;" Jael is called to bear fruit for the kingdom of God, both in her endeavors and accomplishments and, if God wills, in her womb someday. Just like her mother. 

The Biblical Jael was not a trained warrior; she was a homemaker who was courageous and capable enough to deal a decisive blow to the enemies of God. In the midst of a culture that holds up spandex-clad female warriors as ideal women, Jael's namesake represents a womanhood that is neither China-doll nor masculine; in the midst of a culture that counts dollars and not descendants, degrees and not dominion, Jael represents a woman who is fulfilled in her God-given role, keeping her husband's home; in the midst of a gender-confused and sexually perverse culture, Jael represents a womanhood which is clearly and happily feminine, even in her combat methodology; Jael represents a womanhood which sees her battlefield as the home. 

Jael is called to be a woman ready to put spiritual tent pegs through the temples of the ideological enemies of God like feminism, relativism, and political correctness; a courageous woman devoted to the Kingdom of God and not to her own comfort; a woman who, like her mother and grandmothers before her, will stand strong in the face of a culture that despises all that she represents. 

Jael is also called to be a woman who, if worst came to worst, could pour some literal milk and wield some literal tent pegs with deadly effect.

And then the symbolism of her middle and last names. 

Jael is called to carry on the covenant with Jesus Christ which her mother, Bethany, so dearly holds, and which is the most treasured legacy of the Hudelson name. 

It's all about Jesus, baby girl. 

Fill the earth. (Hab. 2:14)


As an aside, talking about feminism and spandex... I just watched my wife go to war, y'all. I held her hand and gazed into her eyes as she fought to bring a baby into this world. I saw in her face more ferocity, more determination, more perseverance through incredible difficulty than any super-woman movie character on any Hollywood screen could ever pretend to be overcoming. And I couldn't help but think- why do women go anywhere else to pursue greatness? Why try and compete with the guys when you could do something they can't? Why develop unnatural strengths when you are created with such amazing natural strengths?

I remember discussing fitness with my sister and a friend, and my sister asked "well, if guys are better at upper-body strength, what are girls better at?"

I said "having babies." The sad thing is that in our culture, that is seen as insulting. And so we see how feminism has degraded womanhood. Instead of honoring the incredible unique power of women to be mothers and homemakers, we force them to measure themselves as laborers against the men who were designed by God to be those laborers. 

My boss told me about a visit to Discount Tire during which he saw a 120-pound woman struggling to torque tire nuts to the required near-200 ft. lb. requirement... And another woman telling her manager that she couldn't get six tires onto the top shelf... 

Meanwhile, the military reduces their physical fitness requirements so women can go to war. 

Meanwhile, women are celebrated for being the first woman to do something that a hundred men have already done. 

Meanwhile, my wife goes through labor. And I am awe-struck. I see a depth of power and ferocity that I never knew in her. I see the thousand yard stare of a terrifying warrioress. And I think- for a woman, surely any other accomplishment, any other career path cannot compare; any other paper or trophy hanging on the wall can only ever be a step down from a picture of another human soul brought into the world by the kind of labor only a woman can do.


Anonymous said...

Basically what women are tired of is hearing that men are better at just about everything than they are. Yeah, women are better at having babies than men, obviously. But if given half a chance we can be as good as men, at least, in mental skills. I'm not disputing the strength-difference between men and women, because yeah, there are big differences. But I also think that it does reduce a woman to say that all she's better at is having babies.
I may never have children; I may never even get married. So where does that leave me? Less than a woman, I guess.
I have wanted to get married and have children all my life; so far it hasn't worked out that way. But I feel like even so, I can do other things. I can become a doctor or a nurse, if I'm so inclined. An accountant, a teacher, a sign-language interpreter, a missionary, a pilot.
I say none of these things to sound like a feminist. I'm just sayin' ... maybe at least the early feminists had a point. You might call that a compromise, I call it common sense. No one is going to be one hundred percent right all the time; I've learned over and over again that I was wrong where I thought I was the most right. I used to be totally behind the 'women stay home, at all times, no matter what' thing.
I used to be mousy and shy and I'm working to get over that. I want to be bold without being obnoxious, and to stand on my own two feet, look men in the eye, and be recognized as their equal in mind and spirit.
It's probably a bit difficult for a man to understand, simply because you've always had this same general mindset. But for a woman who grew up, not oppressed but maybe a bit repressed, it's mentally freeing. I don't want to be like a man, I want to be a woman. I enjoy being a woman, wearing feminine clothing and being pretty. I know that feminists take equality and things like that too far. But they do have a point.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I meant to say, congratulations on your baby, she is a beauty!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Anonymous, thank you for your response! I totally agree that womanhood can include 1000 other pursuits and accomplishments. And so long as those accomplishments are pursued with in the paradigm of biblical parameters, I am all for it. It doesn't mean that a single woman is an almost-woman. But it does mean that a woman was made to be a woman. :-)

And... Thank you! God is so good. :-)

Anonymous said...

We don't care if 100 men have already done what we've done. What we care about is that we're finally allowed to do it for ourselves. Why should men get to have all the fun? Why should we be stuck at home? It's awful.

Congrats on the kid, but I really hope that you listen to her, and not tell her that she has to be one way or that she to want to be a homemaker. What if she doesn't want to? What if she comes to you when she gets older and says, "Dad, being a mom is fine and everything, but that's just not me, I like to do (fill in the blank) and I really want to (fill in the blank again)." What exactly would you do?

Are you going to discourage her from being herself? I'd not recommend you do that.

I was like that when I was kid. "Hey sweetie, do you like baby dolls?" Me: "No, they're boring. Can we play Legos? I've got Hot Wheels!"

Kate said...

Congratulations on your precious gift from the Lord! What an incredible blessing to cherish!

In the spirit of iron-sharpening-iron conversation, I'd like to comment on your closing statement: "Any other paper or trophy hanging on the wall can only ever be a step down from a picture of another human soul brought into the world by the kind of labor only a woman can do."

God, in His providence and sovereignty, has not chosen to bless me with a mate (yet). Instead, He has given me singleness for today and an incredible opportunity to "care for the things of the Lord" (I Cor. 7:34).

Since graduating from home school, the Lord has opened some amazing doors for me. Things I never expected. Things that have only made the truth of His ways as higher than ours more clear. The degree, certificates, and awards that hang on my wall from my calling as an emergency responder are nothing more than papers and trophies that will eventually be destroyed by moth and rust, but they have been incredible tools the Lord has used in my sanctification. I don't think I am any less of a woman or that the callings the Lord has placed on my life are a "step down" from being a wife and mother. Our Heavenly Father knows each one of His children intimately better than anyone else and thus knows best what path or calling will allow Him to be glorified the most. Our sole purpose on earth is to glorify God and Who better to know how to glorify Himself the most than Christ Himself.

Because, after all, it's all about Him.

Gabriel Hudelson said...


Thank you for stopping by! I totally agree. You are no less of a woman. But if you were to *give up* the calling of mother in order to pursue worldly trophies and certificates; if you were to forsake being a homemaker in order to pursue a career of worldly success; if you were to *neglect* to follow God's leading in order to follow the culture's- there, I think, is the issue. :-)

Thank you for the clarification!