Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MUSIC - Friday at Noon Soundtrack Available for Purchase!

Praise The LORD, my first CD release is available for purchase at a two-week kick-off price of $8.00! Buy your own copy at fridayatnoon.com/shop!

This album contains just over an hour of music, including extras not heard in the film, and it ranges from soft piano lullabyes to the weeping of a solo violin to the intensity of orchestral action music. Here's the main theme - Track 1 from the album, entitled "Someone Will Pay."


Lisa said...

This is SO cool, Gabe! Good for you! One of my favorite things about this movie was actually the music. God has really blessed you with some talent in the song-writing (and playing) department, and it is very neat to see that you are using your talents to glorify Him. Keep up the good work. I may just have to buy a CD.....

I wish you all lived closer and we could get together more often and play music. Looking forward to Family Camp :)

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks, Lisa. LORD willing, we'll see you then!