Sunday, May 29, 2011

Resounding Music Commercial

Here it is, a commercial for my work as a composer, which we did over the weekend for a Christian Filmmakers competition (and then re-uploaded later in a better version). Thanks to my sister for filming- and filming well!

I'm trying to do a piece of music weekly- this will count as my piece for last week. :-)

Resounding Music - Your Movie, My Music, Our Story


Anonymous said...

I think you all did really on that one, bro. I liked it. Well done.

How did you do in the competition?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

The judges haven't... judged... yet, but I didn't enter in the competitive category anyway, because when I asked if I could do an ad they said I was welcome to but it wasn't likely to win because the judges are looking for good stories. Understandably. So we just went for the $5 amateur category which gets us comments from the judges anyway.

Brad said...

ok very cool.