Saturday, July 16, 2011

MUSIC - Mixolydia

My well-overdue piece of the week is a continuation of my journey through the modes. Much gentler than "Hero", this one is inspired by Desplat's score to "The King's Speech". I wanted it to be polite and relatively dispassionate.

Before I post the piece, I shall post a pondering.

Pieces like this are much less driving and exciting than pieces like Hero. I find it not at all surprising that while Hero has been on YouTube for (roughly- YouTube's estimate) 2 weeks, and Lydia for (same) 3 weeks, Hero has been viewed 110 times, and Lydia 58.


So having thrown that out for you to think about- and to comment on below ;-) - I shall now without further ado post the link to


(This is also an excellent opportunity to say- praise God for all the views! The LORD has been bringing more work my way, and I'm quite excited about it. I've been very busy, and hope to continue to be so, so I don't know how consistent my posting will be, but praise God- it is He Who gives power to make wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18)


Jamie T said...

I just started listening to it and I love it already! Great job! :)

Praise the Lord; He's sending you work! That's wonderful news!

About the comparison; I personally enjoy dramatic or intense musical pieces more than quiet or softer music (except I was pleasantly surprised with the UP soundtrack and greatly enjoyed that one.) I not exactly sure why, but it might be because it holds on to my attention better. Or, it could be that the writer in me likes finding new pieces that could help me along in said writing. Yes, that's part of it. :) At any rate, I will look forward to seeing what everyone else says. :D

~Jamie Joyce

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Jamie- and yes, it really is exciting. :-)

Kayla T said...

It's very pretty. (I agree with Jamie about loving excited pieces more than quiet ones, but I loved this anyway!)

Rebekah said...

I loved it too! Though, I confess, the ending almost didn't sound "finished" if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure why the more exciting pieces are more popular in general, unless it's because they tend you give you a larger "emotional response" or because gentle pieces tend to be more relaxing than. I know that I have listened to "Hero" more than "Lydia", but that's because I'm working while I'm listening, whether it's my housework, or even writing. If I listen to something that makes me want to relax, its not as motivational, if that makes sense. Just a thought. :)

To the KING be all the glory!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Yes, Rebekah, as I discovered, the Mixolydian mode is tough to make to sound resolved.

Jessie said...

I was listening to your music while out jogging with my horse earlier..sounds good, but how come you use modes???

Will we see ya'll at the homeschool convention?

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Jessie, I'm honored that you took it on the road. :-)

I don't always use modes. I've recently learned about the modes, though, so I wanted to put my new knowledge into practice. Musical exercises.

Brad said...

I really dont know why, but I very much appreciated that piece. Seriously im clueless... Good Job!

Thats great your getting more work.
Colossians 3:23

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Well, that's not a bad thing, Brad... :-D


Brad said...

haha... I know.

Jessie said...

Haha yeah..I put it on my mp3 player because mom downloaded it for horse trotting music and I have all her music on my mp3.
Oh..I've obviously never tried to play in modes but Lis hates them and says they're hard to play in :) in other words,,I think they're a really good "musical exercise" lol She could, but is busy with other music right now. Anything specific (classical) that you're working on right now?

Jessie said...

We had a Lab due over the homeschool conference, but we're so glad she waited till today! So far we're at 8 puppies with a few more on the way!
Really bad time for her to go though because we're all whipped, and she started around 5 am so we had to get up early AGAIN lol
I'm starting to wonder if that's gonna be the new norm around here