Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music: Inevitable

My piece of the week comes this time equipped with a 3D globe render from Genesis Effects, the family effects division. I pulled out good ol' EWQL Symphonic Choirs on this one.

Inevitable by gabrielhudelson

(Whoa, I didn't know I could embed like that... awsem!)


BushMaid said...

Woah, that was epic! :D It suited the picture very well, too. Sounds like an intergalactic war is going on. I liked it. :D

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Thanks Aussie. :-)

Jamie T said...

Wow, very good. I always love vocals in soundtracks. It gives it more depth, I think.

How on earth do you come up with this stuff? :P


David R. said...

PHENOMENAL! It's my favorite so far. I keep listening to it over and over again. That last 2 minutes you added made a huge difference. STUNNING!
Keep up the good work!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Well thanks, David!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

(Oh, and Jamie too, of course... :-D)

Rebekah said...

I loved this one! Joshua thinks it sounds like "How to Train Your Dragon". lol Bethany and Deborah both liked it and I think we all loved the choir! I think I like this one quite as much as "Phrygia", and that's one of my favorites. :)

To the KING be all the glory!

Gabriel Hudelson said...

Well thanks, Rebekah. :-D