Monday, June 20, 2011

Dad, I remember...

Dad, I remember...
(A collage of memories for Fathers' Day, in honor of my Dad)

G. A. Hudelson

The time we had those frosties,
Almost cold enough for snow,
Outside Wendy's with no shirts on,
We'd call that naked, now!

Then there was the time that you
And friendly Uncle Bill
Were playing shuffleboard and I
Suddenly felt a thrill

And you carried me inside
And saved me from the bees-
I remember shoveling gravel,
Breaking a window, cutting trees,

Debating hefty topics,
Making films and building nations,
Crying on your shoulder as
I feared for my salvation,

Studying and praying hard,
Striving for the vision
Of the children who are yet to come,
And who must make their own decision,

To follow in the footsteps of
The vision that you've forged,
A choice to remain faithful
To the covenant of our Lord,

A choice made only by The Grace
Of the Sovereign God that chose to place
Together all us Hudelsons-
Oh that this would be the case!

The times when we'd work out with Tony-
That was quite the exercise-
Wakeboards, Latin, and shooting hoops-
You were too skilled, to my demise-

The times that we rejoiced and cheered,
The days of rest and celebration,
Ebenezers of remembrance and
Moments of commemoration

The times I failed to honor you-
The times that I'd repent-
The times that you would do the same,
Modeling a godly heart that was rent,

Those times that we were happy and
Those times that we were sad-
And as I look back on it all-
I'm glad that you're my Dad.

I love you Dad.


BushMaid said...

That was beautiful. Very well done! I imagine that would mean a lot to your Dad.

Aubrey Hansen said...

Verse 4 made me shiver. Very precious.

Rebekah said...

That was very beautiful! I loved it! Made me want to cry.

To the KING be all the glory!

Jennifer said...

Well-done indeed!

Mademoiselle Moriah said...

I didn't just want to cry, I was bawling! :) Very beautiful and very poetic.